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B.B. Lee……..My middle son, or as you would say, your only normal son! You were so much like me! I always saw myself in you. You were always the one who made friends with kids that needed extra work or had issues. Then you would try to help them and make them turn themselves around. You had a good heart and loved to help people. I love how deep and open you were with me. You would always speak your mind. We had a bond, where you shared everything with me. I couldn’t believe how you told me everything! I never had that relationship with my parents and you always amazed me! I miss you so much….you were my rock! I always depended on you and also, leaned on you quite often. I miss calling you when I am upset and having you to lift me up! I miss joking with you and our “girls day”! (That meant, going to the mall and BB getting a new outfit! Being that I have 3 boys and BB loved looking good, he loved shopping with me.) I miss you walking through the door yelling, ÔÇ£MA, where are you?ÔÇØ I don’t know how to go on in life without you son! I know you will give me strength! And, I know you will take good care of us, even from Heaven.
Where do I begin to tell you what wonderful friends you have made in such a short life?! I was so overwhelmed how many people loved you BB. I am so proud of you. You told me before you walked out, ÔÇ£Ma, you’ll see…I am going to make it big!ÔÇØ….And you know what…you did! You touched and inspired a lot of people, including me. I am so glad that you got a job in doing something you loved, boxing! I could tell you were happy and really living life now. Seeing it through the eyes of a mature person. Son, I was so proud of you and really thought that night, this was the right move for you. Getting the news that you were gone……..just destroyed me! Now, I am the fighter……I will fight for you! Son, I love you and I am glad you knew it and I know you loved and appreciated me! I won’t stop until I find the person who did this to you! They took a big part of me and hurt your two brothers beyond words. We will never forget you because you live in us everyday! Stay with us B, and help your brothers and me to get through this the best we can. Make sure you give a great big Kiss to Big Ari and we know he will take good care of you, just like he did here on earth. I know the two of you are having a great time, but make sure you send a lot of love down here to us three because we need it more than ever! Right now you are probably saying ÔÇ£Okay, ma….gotta go!ÔÇØ And, guess what….I am never letting you go! Love you bunches……I’m sending you a Big BB Lee Kiss……….

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  1. Michael - Your Brother Says:

    Hey, B….I miss having our talks in the backyard about life! Sharing what I wanted to do in life and telling you I would take you there with me! I miss going to the movies with you and going out to eat. It was fun hanging out as brothers. When we were little we did everything together and even dressed alike. You always taught me a lot and showed me so much. When we got older, you would even protect me when anyone would say bad things about me. I remember running track with you and everyone calling us the “Evans Brothers”! I miss your cheesy smile and your humor. I even miss you being sarcastic. I can’t believe I won’t have you here to help me through life anymore. It is still so hard for me to get over this and face that you are gone. Even though you are gone, please watch over me and help me get through this crazy world.
    Make me stronger, just like you! I miss you so much and I cried so hard writing this to you. Never leave me…..always be by my side! I love you B

  2. Little Ari - Your Brother Says:

    B.B., you were a great brother to me. You used to play with me when I was a baby and you watched me be born. You even cut my umbilical cord. We had a special bond. I love that you taught me about Reggae and Bob Marley. I love the way you danced. You taught me the B.B. Lee kiss….I will never forget it!! I miss fighting with you and you teaching me boxing. You were a great brother and I will never forget anything about you. B.B., I love you soooo….soooo…much! Watch over me and come see me in my dreams, but don’t scare me B.B.
    Little Ari

  3. Silas Says:

    El QWESTR!!!
    Brandon, your physical absence has been very tough to accept. I have so many fond memories of the good times we used to share. When we were at school, we always looked forward the the breaks between classes and lunchtime. That’s when we could always chill for a bit and talk about random events…I remember spending the night at your house, and we stayed up really late one night talking about hip-hop. The vibes and the connection was pure and deep. The rest was history. That was our introduction to underground hip-hop. Together, we dug deeper, moved further away from the mainstream. We started DJing together…going crate digging over in PB and always listening to good music. We would session at your house for hours on in, making mix tapes off old cassettes, taking turns scratching and mixing. You were the one who introduced me to my first love in high school! And I cant thank you enough. We went to our first Rock The Bells show in Anaheim all together, had a blast out there. You were there during my first painting experiences, we always had each others back! Never ever did I or you have to question that. We celebrated good times all over California…in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego. I was so excited to have you living at our house up here. You were the one who locked the vibes in place and set the tone for numerous positive things to happen for everyone. I know that you would have been a star up here. Your talents and passions were taking you to new levels of being and consciousness. Your presence was always nothing but enjoyable and positive. We lived life to the fullest everyday, it was our motto for existence. Just a week or so before your passed, we were at my work hanging out after I got off. I was on the phone with a friend and she asked what we were doing and I replied “We’re just chillin and celebrating life, want to join?” You stayed true to it B! Up until your very last day with us, you lived each day as if it was your last. You always remained humble, happy, generous, positive, loving, caring, and forever expanding. Our last night together in the park was an experience. We were having such a wonderful time that evening, listening to good music, positive vibes, family and good people with us. You were freestyling over the beats that were playing and I was so impressed. I remember thinking to myself, “hell yeah, Brandon is going to make it big with this, he’s got some true talent.” You were by my side that entire night, for the whole event. I don’t know who or what was calling you to go back to your car…I do know for certain that it pertained to nothing negative, like some of these detectives are trying to make it seem…You were absolutely in no way of doing any wrong whatsoever. I am so thankful to have found you after the shots were fired. We ran away because the shots we getting closer and closer to us…I tried calling you as we were running to see if you were all right. When you didn’t answer I knew something was wrong so I turned back and ran to where the shots came from. When I made it to the street, my brother Clemente,, Chris, and I were there with you…We were all giving you love and mass amounts of positive energy. As I was putting pressure on your wound, I was giving you words of love and positivity. You were coherent to what I was saying and you responded with your body. I was trying to ride in the ambulance with you but they would not let me. I am sorry it worked out like that B. But even though you were shot…you were at peace. When we were there with you in the street…you did not show any signs of struggle, or deep pain, you were simply at peace. I am so thankful to have been there with you. I want you to know that I love you as a brother and will always hold you down the very best that I can. We will fight, fight, fight for your justice. We will not rest until this person(s) is arrested and pays for what they have done. They took a gem from our planet. One that can never be replaced. “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” so I will continue my journey promoting peace and positivity among our fellow humans. I know thats what you would want. We are going to raise as much awareness as we can about the situation. Your Mom is up here at the house and we are taking good care of her. You had two loving brothers who dearly looked up to you and still do, and I want Michael and Ari to know that if you ever need anything, you have a brother up here who loves you guys and will do anything I can to help.
    We all miss you dearly Brandon!! I know you are doing good up there…chillin With Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, 2-Pac, BigL, Hendrix and all the rest…jamming and making some good music.
    You would be happy with all the support and love everyone has been showing you!!!
    I love you my brother! Always and forever! One Love, One Heart!

    To everyone still fortunate enough to be here on this Earth during these times…learn from Brandon and live your lives to the utmost fullest…don’t waste time on negative energy or negative things…life is too short and way to fragile to live with anything other than love, peace, and positivity.

    Respect and Love to Christine, Michael, and Ari for staying strong for their son and brother.

  4. Eric in Chicago Says:

    Wow, I’m sorry for your loss, he seems like a good guy. I recently moved back to Chicago from SF and I know that spot well.
    Prayers from Chicago, Rest in Peace Brandon.


  5. torr melling Says:

    i read about brandon’s murder the day after it happened and was truly outraged and disgusted to hear of it. it struck close to home for me because i recently moved here to the bay area from san diego…with all the excitement, dreams and aspirations that i’m sure brandon had. no mother should ever have to bury her child, and i hope you find the murder(s) and bring them to justice. my thoughts are with you and your family, torr

  6. Edith Bryson Says:

    I live at 9th and Fulton in San Francisco,so this murder happened in my neighborhood and I did not even know about it. I read about it today in the SF Chronicle. I can’t tell you how horrifed and sorry I am. I can’t imagine what you are going through now.

    I want to help by putting up flyers in GG park. I go to the park all the time with my dog and I want to help. I’m so, so sorry this happened. I know nothing I say will help but I thought if I could at least put up flyers I would be of some help to you.

    Please write back and let me know if this is something that will help you.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Edith Bryson-Lindstrom

  7. Terri Says:

    We miss you! Your mom is working so hard trying to find who did this to you. Please look out for her — send her the strength you always managed to provide her with when you were here with her. She is not going to give up! You know that. She, Michael and Ari really love you and miss you so much. We all do!

  8. Lor Lee Says:


    I never met you, but what an incredible person you were. The things family and friends posted about you were so touching. Seems you cared and shared so much with so many. People like you are forever missed and never forgotten! Justice will prevail. Sorry that such a precious life has ended. Give your mom strengh to get through this. Your brothers need her because they miss you so much.


  9. SoCal Says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the family, and friends of Brandon. I am so very sorry for your loss.

    Please know, that there are many of us out here, whom you never met, who care, and are grieving with you.

    May God comfort you all, with the great comfort that only He can give.

    Rest in peace, Brandon.

  10. ashley fuentes Says:


    I miss you so much & i wish this never had to happen to you, Your mom is doing an

    amazing job to try and find out who did this to you. I just wish I got to know you so much

    better than i did & im really going to miss visiting you in the summer with my dad.

    but we all know your in a better place now watching over everyone who loves and cares so much about you.

    i l0ve you so much…. && you will never be forgotten

    r.i.p brandon lee eveans

  11. Anees Says:

    Brandon you were an amazing person. You we’re always smiling; you also had the “prettiest” smile I have ever seen! I remember when I first met you back at Costco. I thought you were the cutest boy there! I had never seen you before so I thought you were new. You gave me butterflies when you introduced yourself, I was soooo happy and excited! I’m sorry our friendship had to end kind of sour. I’ve learned my lesson with that. It’s hard to lose a son, a brother, a friend, but at least we all know you’re in a much better place now. You’re mom and brothers aren’t alone. Fortunately, they have many people by their sides. How does look from up there? What’s Heaven like? I bet it’s amazing. Justice will be served, don’t you worry. Although noone will be able to bring you back to us, you were such a comedian that everyone has many many fond memories of you. I remember you showing me your sketch book, you were very talented. I remember we both shared an interest in HOT TOMALES! they were our favorite. You loved Arizonas and I couldn’t undertand why, they’re gross. You introduced me to Reggae and one of my favorite artists, Jah Cure. I thank you for that. Maybe it’s because you were always listening to Reggae that you were always in such a calm, happy mood. Even your old roommates dogs loved you! I’m sorry you had to go like this, but at least you weren’t alone. Rest in peace Brandon, you’re always in our prayers.

  12. terri Says:

    A guy named Eugene Zooey removed the $200 worth of flyers that Brandon’s mom put up because he thought it ruined the “looks of his neighborhood”. It would be most appreciated if you live in the community if you would place more flyers in the Golden Gate Park area as soon as possible, as they were already generating some leads for the police. They can be downloaded from this website.
    If you disagree with Zooey’s actions, please send him an e-mail at Thank you!

  13. Anonamas Says:

    Im very sorry about what happend. I may be only 10 years old and not able to do much. but ill try my best to support Brandon! I hope that those suky murders get caught and get death roll. GOD BLESS YOU BRANDON

  14. Mindy Says:

    Brandon ~ I just wanted to say how very sorry I am to your family for their loss. I work with your cousin Kimberlee and she is having a hard time with you gone. I am praying for your family and praying that your murderers are caught and they are brought to justice.

  15. Felix Says:

    I hope I didn’t offend you. I have no idea how you feel. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. You have my heart I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. I wish you the best in finding the answers you are searching for.

  16. Tejada "T.J" Says:

    wow…brandon. you’re really gone? i know we haven’t really seen each other since high school but…i never in a million years would’ve thought this had happened to you…it’s hard for me to actually grasp the fact that you’re gone…i’ll forever miss that charming smile and those eyes that always had a twinkle in them…may you forever rest in peace my friend. you’ll have a piece of my heart forever. <3

  17. Christine Spivey Says:

    I would like to share my deepest sympathy to Christine and her family for their loss.
    May you have strengthe during this difficult time.

    Warm thoughts with peace and courage..

  18. Jackie Says:


    Hey hun
    Sorry I took so long to talk to you! I just heard you have left us, this world we talked about one day traveling. I missed you when you moved and now gonna miss you more then never now that your gone! Atleast you won’t be here to see the world end, like we talked about. haha I must tell you tho that everytime you text or called back I would smile is joy! You always knew how to make me laugh how to forget my troubles and how to be strong! Like you were. Just know that you will always be in my heart. I never forgot about you and I never will. Love you Brandon!
    To your moms, I wish I could contact you and help out in any way I can. I never got to meet you but I always heard lots about you. Would love to hear from you, Thank you!

    Much love

    – jackie

  19. greeneyes Says:

    I read about this tragedy in the Scripps Ranch Newsletter. 10 years ago this summer my best friend was a student at Cal-Berkeley and went to get something out of his car around 10pm. He was then kidnapped and murdered. My friend was Asian and the murderer, who was African-American, was using the stolen credit card. A smart cashier asked for ID and, obviously, saw it didn’t match. Called the cops and he is in jail for life.

    Random acts of violence.
    Pray for justice.

    Staying positive for Brandon…

  20. Christine Evans Says:

    Just letting everyone know….I appreciate all your comments! Some have known Brandon and some did not – that is why it is important for everyone to leave a comment to help everyone feel what different connection they have had with Brandon. It helps me to see how he touched everyone and just hear the stories of my Brandon. I know when his brother’s read the comments, it too, helps them. This has been very hard for us in so many ways. For one, the not knowing and how he just did not deserve to leave us this way! I just wanted to leave a comment to let everyone know, it is okay to communicate thru this website with us. We look at it everyday, quite often! Just to let you know….because of the ongoing investigation, I can’t give details but, we have not given up and I am positive the person(s) will be found. His case is being worked, very hard and it is an important case in San Francisco! I appreciate the donations that have come through from family, friends and complete strangers, who care that much! It is so touching to see that there are still good, caring people in this world. Within a few days there should be a video of the memorial service for Brandon, for those of you who could not attend. Also, a benefit show is in the works in honor of Brandon. As soon as there is more information on that…I will post it here!

    Son, I miss you so much and I just watched the NBA Allstar Slam Dunk and it was really hard to not watch it with you! There are people still coming to me, like today,who did not know that you are gone, and it is the hardest thing to tell someone! But, if it were not for the couple who did this website for you…in honor of you! I would have lost my mind by now! This has helped in so many ways. This has helped to get the message across to just who Brandon Lee Evans is and was! So a huge thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Miller. Much love! Keep it flowin’………!

  21. Christine Evans Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you……..!

  22. Ari (your little brother) Says:

    BB Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you could come back and I miss you. I liked when you would come home and say, “What’s up little dude”? BB your the best brother….I’m sending you big BB Lee kisses! Love you bunches…..!

  23. admin Says:

    I did not know Brandon nor his Mom or family before this tragic event, but it has been an honor to create this web site for Brandon and his family. What I have seen in blogs posts, pictures and even the media really shows that Bandon was a great older Brother, awesome Son, and a great friend to many people. He did not deserve to be taken away from his family nor his friends the way he was taken away.
    I am amazed at how Christine has not given up on finding the person(s) responsible for this. I would have just given up on life, curled up and died. Brandon, your Mom is an amazing person, as well as Little Ari and Michael, and I am sure you were just as an amazing person as well Brandon. I wish I could have met you, but somehow, I have, just not in the way I wanted.

    To the person(s) that did this to Brandon, you are not a man, but a wimpy scared little POS who deserves what life is going to bring to you. Be a real man and take responsibility for your actions. Turn yourself in! This is your only means of finding peace. Be a real man.

    Thank you Christine for letting us help you. I wish I could have met you the kids under other circumstances but I am honored to be your friend and help you in finding justice for Brandon.
    Thank you Christine, Ari, Michael !!
    and thank you Brandon!
    Your new Friend!

  24. Terri D Says:

    The memorial video is a great addition to the website! Thanks for adding it, SM!

    Brandon, people have not forgotten. Your mom and others are still working hard to find who did this. We will fight on! Keep helping your mom and brothers out. They still need you.

    Much love,


  25. Brian K Says:

    To Christine and Brandon’s brothers,

    Stay strong and keep your heads up, as Brandon is resting in a much better place than the world we know today. Don’t dwell on this incident as a tragedy, but use it as an inspiration to make a difference in the future and he will never be gone.

    Peace, “BK”

  26. jnet or how u would call me netty Says:

    brandon you came to me in a dream right after we had your celebration at the beach. we will see each other soon come visit me again… miss you lots;]’\

  27. auntie cathleen Says:

    good morning brandon, not a day goes by where i don’t think of you and wish you were still here with us, i sit and stare at your picture and see your beautiful face your eyes and that beautiful smile of yours, what a beautiful and handsome person you are, and the amount of friends young and old you touch with that personality you have. and how your mom raised you and your brothers with the good qualities you have, you were loved by so many people, i could see that with the celebration of life that day on the beach.. people say you are in a better place right now, but i disagree with that because you need to be here with your family it has effected your whole family, i’m so glad we have this website so we can see you each and everyday, i know this case will be solved will it gives us justice who knows, just to let you know lindsey and i miss you so much, and we do talk to your mom at least once a week (just to let you know) and michael was down here visiting lindsey, and lindsey has a crush on ari.. we love you…

  28. Daphne Says:

    Memories of us in middle school still goes through my mind. I pray everyday that we will soon find who did this to you. I can assure you the person/ people who did this to you will pay. It just takes a matter of time. We love and miss you BRANDON. May you rest in paradise my friend. =) I LOVE YOU, AND WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN.

  29. kaleigh Says:

    a night after the shoting i got a text say brandon is died .. i didnt want to believe it the person that was respectul and kind and caring is gone i remember going to school everyday just knowing i have someone to talk to everyday to get though school… knowing that the person that did this to you isnt found makes me so mad .. its not far .. why do the good die young.. we miss you so much a week before you die i had a dream about you .. it was helping kids with needs like when we were in school togther it was awesome…we love you and miss you so much ..

  30. Your Ma Says:


    Everytime I feel like giving up! You must come along and push me and give me strength. Because, I am having a hard time with you gone. But, somehow…somewhere an idea pops into my mind out of nowhere and I am on another crusade to find the killer, keep your name alive and show people who you are and not what people want to perceive. Son…keep giving me the strength to continue fighting for your killer to be brought to justice. I’m on a new direction in this case and if I can’t find the killer, then I promise you that I will do you justice. By, helping others and promote peace & awareness. I will help troubled youth in your honor. I promise to keep promoting good by your name.

    I know you were there with us in spirit at the Soul’s of Mischief concert. I can’t believe I met the group you loved. They put on such a great show…and took the time to honor you during the show. It really made Michael happy to see how much they cared to honor you. Michael is doing fine and I think he is being strong, now! I know you will help him get through….You really took good care of him and he knows it! (tears) As for Ari, well he misses his brother he idolized and he loves his Rasta! He made me look up last night what February 6, 1945 meant.(B.M birthdate) He saw it on a Bob Marley poster. Then we listened to Bob Marley music and he was dancing. He is handling it as well as a 7 yr. old can..but, since he was so close to you..the love for you is still present and not in the past. We talk about you all the time and it helps!

    That night at the concert I met a guy He offered to do a video and place it on his website. We just did it and I must say, he went above and beyond to do this for us. He has a clothing line…that most of you would wear…so, please show your support for him doing this for Brandon and support his clothing line. He is making sure this gets out as much as he can, please post it on your myspace, facebook or anywhere you would like.

    Again, keeping Brandon’s name out there helps in many ways; It makes people want to help. It could possibly bring someone forward and give information on the killer(s). It continues to make people aware of guns & youth violence. It could possibly help change someones life. Remember, Brandon….those who knew him, know he would want to promote this as a positive and it’s hard for me to see it this way, as many others may feel the same but, it is what Brandon would want. Remember, he loved to help everyone and was very lifting and loving and did not like violence. And, at the least it helps all of us that lost Brandon, cope with keeping him alive in this manner.

    One more thing!….San Francisco Police just put up a REWARD for $25,000. for the capture & conviction of the killer(s). Hopefully, this will help bring someone forward. Keep praying that our day will come, when we can see “JUSTICE FOR BRANDON”!

  31. ashley fuentes Says:

    Hi cousin

    Letting you know i haven’t forgotten about you i miss you so much i have your pictures all

    in my room that your mom sent to Alyssa and I. && everytime i hear BOB MARLEY music

    playing i think of you and start to cry because I know that you deserve to be here right now

    and not away from your family we love you so much i miss you !!!!

  32. Steph Says:

    Brandon, May you rest in peace. You were a great kid and I am sure that your Mother and Brothers miss you dearly. While in Heaven, send your family and friends strength so that they can get through the day.

  33. Robert Bakewell Says:

    I’m very sorry for your loss.
    I am a resident of San Francisco, adjacent to GG Park on Fulton and Arguello near where your son was killed.
    This northeast section of Golden Gate Park , including the abandoned Horseshoe Pits , despite its proximity to tourist attractions such as the Conservatory of Flowers and ironically the SFRPD HQ , is dangerous. During the past several years various concerned citizens have been working to restore the Oak Woodlands that cover the area and advocate for increased public safety and resolution for the abandoned Hoseshoe Pits. This area has been a focus for transient loitering and camping, drug use, and dumping. The Mayor’s Office, the local Richmond district Supervisor, the SF Rec and Park Dept. , the SFPD and the court system had all been generally disinterested in responding to citizen pressure to do something about this section of GG Park. In 2007 appeals by local volunteers to The SF Chronicle’s journalist C.W. Nevius ( a dogged reporter ) managed to get some effective media coverage and improvement to public safety. Since then the situation has stagnated and this eastern end of the Park continues to be a dumping ground for transients and measures to improve public safety by improving trails , managing the landscape and resolving the Horseshoe Pits issue have stalled. My view is that bureaucratic indifference and a willingness to put off tough decisions played a large part in your son’s killing.
    If you have any anger directed towards public officials . I understand.
    Sincerely ROB BAKEWELL

  34. Teddy Says:

    Dear Mrs Evans,

    I to am Mortified by learning of the pure unadulterated EVIL that
    took Brandon so young! I walk not far from where it happened
    late at night (insomnia), when its not cold & windy. I pray for
    you all, & pray the killer is found! I,ll remember Brandon when
    i walk at night always!


    Teddy (43rd Ave)

  35. Tom Gerstle Says:

    I didn’t know Brandon but it doesn’t matter. I have printed many flyers and they will be distriubted. This is a sad story. I want to help find the person(s) responsible for this brutal slaying.

  36. concerned streetkid Says:

    I hope u find justice…. the night that happened sveral young kids who rob people looking for weed took off from the park. later on they ran their mouths about accidentally shooting someone. too many streetkids know about this, ironically the people who said they did this weren’t homeless. i dont know if they did, just what they said. i hope this makes a differance. they would come to hippie hill with their sister every day and they would jack marks while she slung weed and x. your son didnt deserve this. i hope this helps.

  37. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Dear Concerned Streetkid,

    First let me tell you how much it has meant for me to hear from you! I really needed to hear this and I am so grateful you cared to tell me. Can you imagine what your parents would be going thru if they lost you in this manner…without knowing? It is the worst pain a parent will ever feel. I don’t know how to express how thankful I am to you and would love it..if you would contact me thru my email and not on the blog.

  38. Amber Says:

    I have been thinking about you a lot latley…and thinking a lot about your family. I pray that Michael is able to to be strong without you, as you were a big part of his strength. We all miss you and know your up there smiling down at us all. Thinking of you…

  39. Sheryl Says:

    I was so sorry to hear about Brandon’s death and also angry at the same time. I don’t know if I every met Brandon but I always see his brother Michael at work when I go grocery shopping. He told me what had happened so I had to come to this web-site to get more of the details. I just want to let the family know that just know that God is in charge and he knows who did it and they will be brought to justice. Even if we should never know, all that matters is that God takes care of people like the ones that did Brandon harm. My prayers is that we will be able to see it. To the mom, you have wonderful sons. I love the pictures and I just thank God for pictures. I know when you have a chance to just sit and relect on each one it puts a smile on your face and you can keep going on. I know your family is together and will keep on living just as Brandon would want you to. I don’t have to worry if he is alright because I know he is. I’m pretty sure he would want you to know the same. Stay in God’s Word everyday because everyday in it even in a case such is this it’s still a good and blessed day. I say this because without Him, your lost and will never have that peace of mind. God’s blessing on all of the family.

    Hey, Michael? This is the lady with the afro sometimes and walks the big dog, called Mufasa just in case your not sure who this is.

  40. Amber Says:

    Brandon…I just keep thinking this is so unfair!!!!! So unfair. You are such an amazing person. I think about you and your family everyday. It’s still not real to are so missed. We all love you! My husband and I call my son BB…..every time i say it..i think of you. BB…you will be missed!

  41. Rocky Hernandez Says:

    Christine, hang in there. This type of crime may take awhile to solve. I believe it will only be a matter of time and all will come to light. Brandon was a part of my life and gave me joy. My son, Manuel, introduced me to Brandon. I had met you a couple of times as well. At the request of my son – and Brandon, I began training Brandon at boxing at my home and on Miramar. I shared many hours with Brandon and found him to be a GREAT young man. I was proud that my son had friends like Brandon. When I was first told of this crime I felt a great loss. Brandon touched my life with his laughter, courage and strength and I will never forget him. I hope the truth comes out in the wash! In the mean time, find the strength to make it through the days. My son, Manuel, is currently serving in Balad, Iraq. He sends his love and strength as well. Brandon is missed beyond belief and comprehension.

  42. Brandon's Mom Says:

    It’s been 5 months now, and it still has not gotten any easier. I’m still dealing with so much that has to be taken care of for Brandon. I have the hardest time understanding how so many people that know who did this to Brandon, won’t come forward. I understand the stigma of being a “snitch” but, this was an innocent person who’s life was taken. We all know he did nothing to deserve this! I hope and pray that one day soon, someone will come forward and give the information needed to make sure the person(s) who did this pays for their wrong doing. I’m asked quite often if the person is caught will I forgive them. And, you know what until, you are in the moment you can’t answer a question like that. I do try to think about how Brandon would want me to feel and when the time comes I will keep this in mind. Since, Brandon was taken in such a manner that was so not deserved….I at least think he deserves to rest in peace knowing this person is off the streets and all of us…family, friends and people who have come to know Brandon through this tragedy, can rest assured….”Justice is served”!

    I lost my partner who I was with for 9 yrs. on November 21, 2006 and now Brandon November 29, 2008. This is what I and my two other boys have had to deal with and it has not been easy! Please, if anyone knows anything….come forward! I know you may have many reasons not to, but until you experience what we have (and, you never know…you could) it hurts beyond words! This could be you, and your parents having to live through this horrible pain! My email address: Please help us!

  43. Jayson Says:

    I just heard the bad news.
    My heart goes out to the whole family and all those effected.
    I remember a long time ago when my mother use to provide child care for the family.
    I will miss ya b.
    Ps mike get in contact with me.
    Love y’all
    Big bro

  44. auntie cathleen Says:

    good morning brandon.. last night lindsey and i were looking at pictures of you, michael and lindsey when you were little kids you had that beautiful smile then, it was still beautiful as you got older, not a day goes by where your name isn’t mention either in this house or my friends or my husband family asking me how your mom and brothers are doing..your mom gave me some of your flowers from your celebration of life, i took them home and made sure they were in a safe place because i wanted to save them forever, they now sit in a beautiful vase in my bedroom, so you are with me each and everyday..we love youuuuuuuuuuuu

  45. Brandon's Mom Says:

    BB Lee… is Silas “21st” Birthday and I know you are sending mass love to him on this special day. Just to let everyone know…..Silas was there with Brandon holding him before he left us! I know it must be really hard to have to live with this memory. At the same time, I am thankful Brandon was being held and loved before he left us all.

    I know if you were here, you would be celebrating it with Silas and that is exactly what we did for you! We made sure you were part of the celebration. Silas, we wish you a “Happy 21st Birthday”! Lots of love, peace and wonderful events to come into your life. You will have wonderful things coming your way as you enter adulthood. I am glad that you have great friends to continue your journey in this life. You’ll always have a special place in the hearts of Me, Michael, Ari and the rest of my family. Love you lots!


  46. Terri D Says:

    Hey Brandon,
    I just wanted to leave a note on the 6 month anniversary date. We all still miss you very much. Your mom, Mike & Ari are still working hard for your justice. I know it will be found someday…hopefully soon. In the meantime, please continue to guide them and help them to carry on until you meet again.

  47. Brandon's Mom Says:

    WoW! Finally, we are home! This was a very….busy, 4 days in SF. Lots of support and so much love from the SF community. I have to say thank you to all the staff who came together and supported the 6 month mark of Brandon leaving this world. We met so many wonderful people this trip and I have to admit…SF is growing on me. We felt Brandon around us, all weekend. We had a lot of signs, that Brandon was proud, that his family came to do more work. We made a memorial site at Golden Gate Park. I will place a picture on here real soon~! This was done with everyone in mind, that knew Brandon or have come to know Brandon. We listened to reggae at the embarcadero and took in, a lot of love and support from the SF community. It is finally paying off and we saw it this trip. Almost everyone we came in contact with knew of Brandon’s sad story. So, this means it is spreading more and more in the city. I know with the love and support of SF….we will do this! I truly believe that Brandon’s killer(s) feel bad for what they have done and I am hoping that the love and support out there in SF will push these people forward and do the right thing! I was fortunate to meet, “The Roots”. Another, group Brandon loved. I gave them Brandon’s reward flyers and asked that they help put the word out there. Again, see how much support Brandon has….unbelievable!

    So once again, I have to ask…..Please, if anyone knows anything regarding any information pertaining to Brandon. YOU…can call the phone numbers on this website or email (this goes directly to me)

    Thank you, for all the love and support from everyone out there. I truly appreciate everyones help….big and small. Stay safe and let’s not give up….let’s continue to work together!!!! Brandon we love you bunches! We miss you so much…….XOXOXOX

    Mom, Michael & Ari

  48. Ashley Fuentes Says:


    i love you & miss you very much

  49. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Until, I place the photo’s of Brandon’s Memorial site in San Francisco, please view them here.

  50. Ruth Says:

    I never met Brandon, but I heard about this over my friend’s myspace.
    Brandon sounds like such a good person; he didn’t deserve death.

    Peace, Love, and Hope, from San Diego

    (I’m going to Scripps Ranch High.)

  51. Terri D Says:

    Hey B,
    7 months and I still think of you every day and pray for justice every night. Until we meet again…

  52. Joseph Bailey Says:

    Christine, this is Joseph with Brinks Home Security now Broadview Security. I just wanted to take the time to say that I am truly sorry for your loss and I am glad we were able to help you in some way. I hope that time will heal and that justice is served. May peace and happiness find you always, Ma’am

  53. Uncle Wally Says:

    just wanted to say i miss you and love you

  54. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I wanted to share with everyone the posters that just went up. For those who donated towards the fund, this is to show what I did with the money. We just spent 5 days in SF and we did a lot of work. When I get back home, I will place more photos and more information on the site. Thank you for all the love and support.

  55. John Donohie Says:

    I just read about Brandon in the Chronicle this past week.
    I feel for you and your family. I live near the park at 6th and Irving, and it’s unnerving to know that things like this happen so close by. I’m impressed and moved by your efforts. Keep doing what you’re doing. It makes a difference and honors him as well as others. I made a small donation to the fund. I hope your efforts are rewarded.
    Peace to you.

    John Donohie

  56. Brandon's Mom Says:

    We just got back on the 15th and I apologize not blogging about this trip. These trips are getting harder in everyway for us. This was the most successful trip ever. Again, the citizens of SF are so compassionate and more people are getting involved. The City if finally starting to step up. Golden Gate Park Officials will now start hanging the Reward flyers in the park. I’m working on radio stations and, the Muni Transportation is now going to have an answer in August, about hanging the flyers on the buses/trains. Comedy Day in GG Park will honor a tribute to Brandon in September and a few other things are in the works.
    The posters are a huge success. For those who donated, a huge portion went to making the posters and the sites were donated by JCDecaux. Brandon’s story is very well known in SF…finally! After, many trips to SF…it is now starting to show. Sometimes, I feel like giving up and just quiting, then someone comes along and says something or does something and, there I go again. So, please know….everyone of you have helped us in many ways. We truly appreciate your kindness and, just reaching out to us. It helps!

    Just know, if I don’t say it enough…..THANK YOU! You all know who you are….XOXO
    I could not do this, without all of YOU!

  57. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Today, I found a college paper Brandon wrote….titled, “Special Person” Here are a few parts, I would like to share with everyone. To show you, what a great Kid….My Son, Brandon Lee Evans was and is….!

    My Mom is a very strong person, who I can always look up to for advice. She is very special to me because she has taught me how to love, to be loyal, and how to sacrifice. She sacrified her life to raise us and give us everything we need. My Mother is the one person who I can say, I truly love and will stay loyal to forever. I will sacrifice everything for the “Special Person”, in my life…forever!

    There was a lot more, but it was too personal to share. Wow! Almost 9 months, and the pain seems to get worse. I really thought by now…the killer would be known and would begin to pay for what he/she did. It is hard to go on in life, without knowing who, what, why? The things I have had to deal with and the decisions….have been so hard on me, and my health. But, no matter what….I will not give up!

    Son, I don’t know why reading this hurt so much. Because, I knew this and you told me often. We shared everything and we were sooo…much alike! It was crazy how we knew eachother, so well. I am so thankful for all the memories good, funny, and bad; that I get to have for the rest of my life. Your character was the best! I miss you and love you bunches!

    As always, if anyone knows anything….please come forward to either the inspectors or to me. My email is

    Much Love

  58. Kevin Nguyen Says:

    Hey what sup B?! I was watching the Floyd Mayweather highlights and you came across my mind. Damn kid i missed you…I remember looking back at 8th grade when we first met in Mrs. Black’s class and how I would always see you across my street. I remember you telling me all sorts of stories about girls and how you be pulln them girls with your fresh prince flat top! I dont know how you don’t but it was fly tho. Remember the summer when u were at Von and Kelvins house for like what a month? It was fun chilln with you all summer long. I miss those days chilling with you sitting on the bleachers every morning before we would hit the weights and goofing around in construction class at Scripps Ranch high. I Remember the last time we saw each other before you went to Frisco was at da club. I still cant believe you danced with all of those big girls that i pointed out, your crazy! I cant believe we stayed up till 6 AM talking all night in the back yard. I know how much you like mayweather, cotto, and pacquiao. I cant believe Manny is fighting in the Welterweight division now and his next fight is with cotto, isnt that crazy?! I wish you were here to watch it with me. Thank you for everything, your my inspiration.
    Much love,
    -Kevin N.

  59. Alecx Says:

    wuhsup B, hows it goin up there . i finally got to visit where u passed away n i wouldnt stop crying once we got there. i wish u never have died cous you were such a nice person, da nicest person ever , why would someone do this to you. remember wen u lived wid us for a couple months , n everyday u would go 2 my school to pick me up n walk me home. then u moved to virginia a lil after christmas n after i gave u ur present , i cried a lil … n almost every party n camping trip u wud come along . i felt like u were apart of our family n u were , u were a big brother . in alot of our old family photo albumns there would always be a picture with you in it .i remember while i would b on the computer u wud b watchin jamaican movies n my head wud hurt cous i couldnt understand wuht they were saying ahah n remember the video on you n von dueling yu gi oh then kelvin farted n blamed it on da chairr hahahh. wen u passed away kelvin told me n at first i thought he was joking buht and then i asked mom n they told me about wuht happened. after that i couldnt help buht cry n think about how i grew up having you around at every get together , party , christmas , thanksgiving , ect …. after that , every night i pray for you n hope that your alright up there n that u watch over me through tough times.
    -Alecx Omo

  60. Brandon's Mom Says:

    BB Lee/Lil Dude,

    Today is what would have been Big Ari’s 44th Birthday! I started thinking of all the things he did for you in your short life. You know he really loved you as one of his own, and always referred to you as his son! He always called you Lil Dude….and spoiled you rotten! He loved to take you shopping and have you help him pick out clothes (of course, you got one too!) I am so glad you guys had a great relationship. I know it really hurt you when he died, and it left you with a big void. We talked about this and I read a few poems you wrote to/about him. I could feel your pain. But, I know the two of you are together, and I know….he is so happy to take care of you again. He has his Lil’ Dude! I know if he was alive he would be doing 10 times more than I am to find who killed you.

    I am glad to know that you have Ari to help you and take care of you. I guess if I can’t be there to do it. I’m glad he can. Because of him, I am able to fight hard for you son. Give him lots of love from us. Lil’ Ari talked to you today, and asked for you to give his Dad a big hug and a kiss and tell him, “Happy Birthday”! This is really hard for me to have lost the both of you and I miss you both very much. I send lots of love and kisses to you both.


    Son,….Love you, bunches….XOXO!!!!

  61. Brandon's Mom Says:

    This banner is being flown today in hopes that someone will come forward with information on who killed my son. I know there are many people out there who know who did it, but won’t come forward for one reason or another. I beg for you to just take that step in helping Brandon’s brothers, family & friends to have closure and for justice to be served. Any information is so appreciated. Even if you think it is not much or it may be nothing….let the inspectors decide. You may just have the missing part to the puzzle.

    Someone blogged in April on this website and I know you had some compassion to the circumstance…so, please I beg you to just go a step further and contact me. You can email me at……!!! I do thank you for telling me this information and it was a little comforting to know something!! But, please I beg anyone out there to come forward & help me! As I know, “he did not do anything to deserve this”! So, with that said, please have some compassion and love and come forward at least to me!! Don’t sit back with information that can help my family and don’t be afraid, you have my word to help keep it confidential.

    Today is 9 months Brandon Lee Evans has been gone from us and it doesn’t get any easier. If anything it gets harder as time goes on and there are no answers. Please help me….come forward and help us!

    Much love,

    Brandon’s Mom, brothers, family & friends

  62. Hannah Says:

    To Brandon’s family:
    i cannot imagine the pain that ur family is going through because of the loss of this young man.i saw the sign on a plane flying over crissy fields at golden gate. I can never imagine how painful it could be to lose someone that quickly. im terribly sorry for your loss and i hope that God will help lead the police to find the killer. i will keep your family in my prayers and remember that God always has a plan for every life.May God bless you and your children. Sincerely, Hannah and family

  63. Selina Says:

    I saw the jet flying over Berkeley today and was saddened to know that someone lost their son. I cant imagine the pain you and your family must be going through. I pray that justice for Brandon will come soon and that whoever did this will pay for their crime. I am sorry that this happened to your son. Brandon seemed like a great kid, and its just a shame that his life was cut so short. I know that he is in a better place, and that God will care for him. I pray that God will also give you strength to continue searching for his killer, and that he/she is caught soon.

  64. christi Says:

    I saw the banner flying over Ocean Beach today and couldnt help but start crying because it brought back memories of 5 years ago when I to lost a family member (Justine Vanderschoot) from a murder. It is the hardest thing to ever go through in your whole life and I am sorry that you and your family are being put through this. The pain never goes away but i pray that you and your family pull through this and that justice is served!!
    Rest in Peace Brandon!

  65. Ricci Ankton Says:

    Oh my god…I cannot believe this. Its been years since I’ve seen Brandon and Mikey. I just got the message from Stephanie and I am still in shock. He grew up to be a beautiful boy. I can still see the cheesy grin…

    Chris, if there is anything you and the boys ever need, let me know. I live in the Bay and remember this happening…It just never dawned on me it was THAT Brandon Evans…

    Give Mikey hugs for me.

  66. Uncle Wally Says:

    I know it is very hard for you to keep going but you are very strong you will get justice
    for Brandon You and Ari and Michael alway have a place to stay up here and Brandon
    I Love you

  67. Brandon's Mom Says:

    On September 12th, at the Horseshoe Pits a Grand Re-Opening Celebration took place. Many thanks to everyone involved who dedicated a lot of time, money & great efforts to clean up and make this a happy, fun place to play horseshoes. The Guardsmen, Peter, Park & Rec Department and all the individuals who cared to make this happen. It was such a great day!

    This was the last place on earth that my son, Brandon….had fun listening to music. Up until now….I had a hard time going out there and was very scared, and it gave me such a sad feeling. When I found out what the plans were for this area…I for once had something positive to look forward to. Now, I feel happy and I love seeing people out there having fun.

    This is something I will fight hard to keep going. If anyone would like to donate to keep up the efforts and keep the last place Brandon last visited…alive, safe and clean. Please go to: There is still a lot of work to be done. This is a bunch of great positive people doing hard work, and they include Brandon’s memory in all of this. So, please know…this is the only positive thing that has happened since we all lost Brandon.

    Below is a link with pictures from this fun event that took place. The Mayor, Gavin Newsom came out to support all these efforts and throw the first horseshoe with the World Champion Brian Simmons of Vermont. Ari (Brandon’s younger brother) even got lessons from Brian. Ari now loves horseshoes and will play there everytime we go to Golden Gate Park. So, if you ever get a chance to go to San Francisco….it will be easy to find Brandon’s Memorial area…by the way, the City is now thinking of making Brandon’s Memorial a permanent place in the park. If you go there…stop by and play a little horseshoes and think of Brandon. This is the very last place Brandon visited. It brings back a feeling of happiness to know, that you are at the very last place having fun…just as he did.

    Gallery View

    Slideshow View

  68. Brandon's Mom Says:

    There is an annual event that happens in Golden Gate Park, it’s called….Comedy Day. On September 20th, the promoters for this event were happy to honor Brandon at their event. Below is the statement they announced from the stage and in addition the Boy Scouts handed out flyers, tables had Brandon’s flyers and they hung a poster of Brandon’s Reward. A huge Thank You to Comedy Day for honoring Brandon and keeping the word out there to promote Peace & Awareness.

    In November 2008, Brandon Lee Evans, the 20-year old son of Christine Evans, was murdered in GG Park. His mother has asked us to honor his memory by asking for help to find answers to who murdered her son. Get involvedplease spread the word to help create public awareness. If everyone lends a helping hand we can see this world begin to change. Please go to
    Keep ChristineÔÇÖs story and the memory of Brandon alive so we can find justice for a boy who did not deserve to have his life cut so short.

    Brandon had a good sense of humor and I know, he would have been at this event. So, this was a great place to honor Brandon. As soon, as I get photo’s or video…I will place it on here.

    I had a dream of Brandon…last night! He was smiling at me and no words said, just smiling…! It made me believe he was trying to tell me he is happy, happy with all that I have done, all the decisions-I’ve had to make. Just seeing him smile…put a warm feeling in my heart…at a time, that I need it the most!

    Again, whoever blogged in April….Please contact me:
    I really need to speak to you!!~Please if anyone has any information, please contact me at the above email address, if you would rather deal with me and keep it private. Or, you may contact the inspector. Whatever makes you comfortable….Please Help!

  69. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Ashley & Alyssa,

    Sorry, your comment accidently got erased! I just wanted to let you know….re-do another comment. I am so sorry…I felt bad, just glad I could remember who wrote the last one!!!

    Love Auntie Christine

    P.S. Call your Auntie Cathleen

  70. Ashley & Alyssa Fuentes Says:

    Hi Auntie,

    We talked to Auntie Cathleen last night. She told us to read the comment you left on this page for us. Hope you, lil Ari and Michael are doing fine. Thank’s for letting us know that our comment was accidently deleted. We love and miss you Brandon!

    Love you Bunches.

  71. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Today, another banner will be flown all over the Bay area between 1-3 p.m. A good friend who was a big male role model for Michael & Brandon when they were little reached out to do another banner, in hopes to get more information.

    Please help us & come forward with any information or ideas to help solve this murder. You may contact the SFPD or you can email me, (his mother) & talk to me. We need closure…the year of his death is coming up, and I want this solved. If you can help, contact me at:

    Much love,
    Brandon’s Family & Loved Ones….

  72. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Today is a big special day for you….Brandon! I hope you enjoy and just know we all love you & miss you! My son….! Oh, how I miss you, and how much your brothers miss you, too!

    LoVe Mom, Michael & Ari
    Love you bunches……..You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

  73. auntie cathleen Says:


  74. Shiloh Says:

    I’m mesmerized by the love and support from friends and family, you truly are a blessing and light in this world. Although I didn’t know you I’ve heard many great things about you and it’s no wonder there is so much love and support and positive energy coming to you and your family. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day today!

    One Love,

  75. Brandon's Mom Says:

    We had a huge Party at the last place Brandon & his family spent together. It was so beautiful and it brought together many people that were very important in our lives. Brandon’s Family, his babysitter & for 7 yrs., my best friend who use to take Michael & Brandon for months during the summer to spend time with the boys. His best friends, and their family. Many of his friends from Jr. High, High School, College. His co-workers from Costco. We had 4 D.J’s from Access Music in P.B. that took the time to provide the beats for the night. Brandon had been shopping at Access since he was 14 yrs. old. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and celebrate Brandon’s 21st Birthday! We had great prizes for the raffle. Thank you for the donations that were given in support to the 3 causes. I will be working on that this next week to present the donations to the 3 causes. I will blog about that next week. Also, the pictures are being worked on as we speak. There were over 200 pictures taken that night. I too, will let you know how to access those. Thank you Shiloh for doing an awesome job on taking the pictures, so we can always have this day to remember.

    Many people wanted shirts that I had made. If you did not get my word that night, that I would have one made for you. Please email me at: I have no problem getting them made. I want to thank all my friends and family for supporting me through all the good and bad times. I know, sometimes I am not the easiest person…!
    To all of Brandon’s friends, thank you for being such a great friend and keeping in touch with me & the boys. It is so nice, I hear a lot of you say…that I am a great memory of Brandon…well, I feel the same! When I’m around you guys, I feel the presence of Brandon. Please feel free to call or email any time. I have no problem, keeping you guys in the loop. I’m greatful that Brandon has such wonderful friends. Just do well, and continue striving for the best and by doing that, you will make this a better world.

    Again, I will let you know where all the money went and how to access the pictures of Brandon’s 21st Birthday sometime next week. I am in the middle of working on a few more things for Brandon. I will let you know, soon!

    Please if anyone out there knows any information to what, who, how did this to my son….Brandon Lee Evans…..! Please contact me at:
    Maybe, we can meet and talk in person, if you want. I appreciate any information that anyone has or wants to give me!

    Peace & Love,
    Christine, Michael & Ari….

    ….”There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love”….
    –Bob Marley

  76. Brandon's Mom Says:

    As you can see we added a new page for Brandon’s “21st” Birthday Celebration of Life. Please enjoy the pictures of everyone celebrating Brandon. We love you Brandon and I am so glad we did this for you!

    Another banner will be flown for your 21st birthday in SF; I want everyone to see…November 1st would have been, my Brandon’s birthday. Please not only give to us, but to Brandon….the respect to come forward and give information to me or the SFPD. This would be the best gift anyone could give to honor a young man who’s life did not deserve to be cut short.

    Please someone come forward and do the right thing! My email is:

    Much Love,

    Brandon’s Mom & Brother’s
    Who love & miss him!

  77. Ro Says:

    Hello Evans family,
    I just wanted to send a quick hello and a HUGE applause for Ms. Evans and the rest of the crew that has been helping out with the search efforts. I know how incredibly difficult it feels to go on with life after a family loss this deep, so to see your continuous efforts amazes and inspires me to appreciate life as I am sure Brandon did.

    I was actually in Brandon’s math class my freshman and sophomore years of high school.. geometry with Ms Nguyen and Algebra II with Mr. Burrell. We also had the same chemistry class sophomore year now that I remember.

    What I remember most about Brandon is he had the FRESHEST gear on campus!! This dude knew how to dress!! And I never saw him wear the same thing twice…even though that may sound somewhat materialistic of me, its the truth and I was always impressed by his matching wardrobe…one time, even Mrs. Polanco, our chem teacher commented on his orange & hemp Nikes! They were really nice :]

    He was such a well-mannered human being as well, I was always amazed by his presence for that reason. I am envious of those who got to know him a little better, for I had always admired from a distance. He was indeed a very handsome man and had an even more beautiful character…

    I am writing on the blog today to also voice my support for the justice in this matter..
    If you have any information at all or may know someone who does, use the contact information on this website to let people know!! Especially ‘concernedstreetkid’ who posted in April with some very crucial information.

    To Ms. Evans, thank you so much for demonstrating to us all what true love and devotion really means…our unfamiliarity with each other is irrelevant in this cause and I am fully supportive of your movement!

    Keep on Keepin On,

    Rocio Cordova
    San Diego

  78. Kashia Loyd Says:

    I don’t even know where to begin, my heart goes out to you Christine, Michael and lil Ari. I really hate that I’m just now hearing about your loss. i hadn’t seen Brandon since he was a lil guy. He’s was the same age as my son Darion. I still have pictures of my son and Michael and Brandon at my moms house in Oxnard. My son was just learning how to walk and Michael and Brandon were right there next to him. Although it’s been a while since I’ve seen all of you, I can’t help but feel as though I’ve lost a part of my family. you all in my prayers. I wish you all Peace and blessings. Anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Much Love,

    Kashia and Darion

  79. Terri D Says:

    Hi B~
    Just wanted to wish you a happy 21st birthday. Glad I was able to be a part of your celebration on 10/18. Brandon, you are thought of so often by so many people, and this time of year makes your absence even more noticeable. You were so loved by so many people. You are very much in our thoughts always, but in particular, this month of November. Happy Birthday to you!!

  80. Brandon's Mom Says:

    My BB Lee…..

    Son, I know we had big plans for your 21st to go and celebrate together with Michael & Ari; that is why we had the big celebration for you at our favorite spot to hang out. I know you were not big on birthday celebrations but this was the one we were going to do big. I hope you enjoyed the celebration we did for you and saw how much you are loved. I don’t even know what to say today….! For once, I am lost for words!?

    You were born at 5:49am in San Diego, weighing 8lbs. 8oz. & always an easy baby. I can not believe what a beautiful person you turned out to be. You not only were good looking, your personality was beautiful, too! You know, every time I hear a story about you….how people were connected to you….it makes me so happy. Because being your mother, everyone thinks….well of course she will say positive things about him. So, when people write stuff about you, it is sad and makes me cry. The tears are not sad tears, it just makes me realize that it is not just me….you were a beautiful person all around. Then I think, Wow! Such a great person was taken just way too, soon! I try to stay positive most of the time, but hey…I am human this whole thing is just sooo…hard for me to understand. I know I break down every now and then, and I think back when I lost big Ari….Brandon use to say, Ma….he would not want you to be like this! It is just so hard, I don’t know how I do it? I miss you…..B

    I did not want to make this a sad time, so….HAPPY BIRTHDAY…BB…LEE
    Today, a banner will fly in San Francisco from 1-3pm….It will have a 10′ x 20′ picture of you and read: HAPPY B-DAY!…JUSTICEFORBRANDON.COM this is a way to show you we are thinking of you on your special day and to remind the person or people who know who killed my SON…that today is his 21st birthday! A reminder of what you did and hopefully, we will receive a special gift today with more information on who took his life away before he could ever see 21, graduate college, travel, buy a house, get married and have a beautiful child.

    One day my son, we will meet again and I just can’t wait to give you a big hug and a big BB Lee kiss!!! I miss you sooo much and I just can’t believe you have been away from us this long. They say it gets easier, but I have not felt it yet! I want you to know, I will never give up and I know, one day….justice will be served and questions will be answered.

    Have a Happy Birthday son,…in Heaven and send some angels our way to watch over us and help guide us to deal with this tragedy that has left us with many questions. You are missed and loved and your memories live on everyday. I have never felt so lost for words. There is so much I want to say, but just can’t get it out! I have never felt like this…I guess that goes to show you….I still can’t believe your gone!

    Son, I love you….HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY…LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

    Love Mom…or, as you called me…MA!
    (Oh, how I miss you walking in the house yelling MA! Where are you? What are you doing? Let’s go somewhere!)

  81. Your brother....Ari Says:


    I am so happy B, because it’s your birthday! The banner is flying today. Maybe someone will give us a lead. BB….I LOVE YOU….SOOOO….MUCH! And, I know that you love me sooo…much, too! If you were here I would give you lots of BB Lee Kisses. Remember you taught me how to do the BB Lee Kiss. Oh, how I miss you so much! I know that you were at the party. I had fun hanging out with all of your friends. I bet you are watching over me right now. B….I remember when you took me lots of places, like Legoland. B….you have always been a great brother to me. I am going to be a great dresser like you, when I grow up!I remember, when you use to call me little dude. Because that is what my Dad called you…! I ….MISS YOU SOOOO….MUCH!

    Ari…8 yrs. old

  82. ashley fuentes Says:

    Happy 21st Birthday Brandon !!! I wish that i could of been a part of your birthday party celebration. & could of celebrated with all of our family and your friends. i love you so much Brandon & i miss you !!!

  83. alyssa fuentes Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!!!! I really wish that you were here to celebrate your birthday with all of us. This first year without you has been really hard on all of us; your friends, and family. Even though your not here right now, we all still keep you with us in our hearts. None of us will ever forget you or ever stop loving you. So I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and I will forever miss you.

    -Auntie Christine,
    Ashley and I just wanted to know how we could possibly get one of those bracelets that have Brandon’s name on it. Love you and take care.

  84. auntie frances Says:

    Your auntie frances, says today November 1 2009 , I’m wishing my nephew Brandon who has the most beautiful dimple smile, and a special heart about him. A Very Special Happy Birthday Today.

  85. Cousin Lindsey Says:

    Brandon, my beautiful little cousin. I think about you all the time especially today on your 21st birthday. I still can’t belive you’re not here. today I’m going to celebrate you by remembering all the fun times we used to have together like when we were little and you me and michael all used to go to gramma’s house for the summer’s. We had so much fun playing in her backyard in that playhouse.Gosh i remember we would stay and play in there all day until Gramma told us to come inside. oh and when you would throw the basketball over the backyard fence just so YOU :) could be the one to climb over and get it!!! And at night when it was time for bed you me and michael would all climb in that big bed and cuddle up together and fall asleep. we called each other the ” Three burritos” instead of the ” three Amigo’s”. we thought that was sooooo funny, and the perfect thing to call ourselves.
    Oh let me not forget what I think is the most special, most amazing memory of mine of the night little Ari was born.We were all there and in the room, and when he was born you cut the embilical cord. You were so excited to have done it. And so proud too.

    I love my cousin Brandon and wish he had the chance to continue living the beautiful life he was living before he was taken from us. I can’t wait for the day justice for Brandon is finally served. He was not just a boy in the park that was killed, He is a brother, cousin, nephew, Grandson, friend and most important he is the son of a mother who’s heart is broken. I want justice for brandon so my Auntie Christine can have just one little bit of closer for herself and for Brandon and the rest of the people that love and miss him.It is the worst feeling to know the person who killed your son and and family member is still out there living a life, all the while taken somone so precious from so many people.

    I love you Brandon and will celebrate your life today on your 21st birthday!!!
    love always your cousin Lindsey.

  86. Uncle Wally Says:

    just wanted to say HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY and that Francene and I were very pleased to
    be at your celebration with your mom and brothers and friends.

    Love Always Uncle Wally

  87. Angelyna Says:

    First, let me say Happy Birthday!
    I’ve come to this site quite a few times, and I’m sorry I couldn’t write before. When I found out you had past, although I hadn’t seen you since Michael’s graduation party, it felt like a hole went straight through me. I didn’t know what to think, what to do, I was in complete shock. There are days when I am on myspace and I see your brother’s and your profile and I almost can’t look at the default picture. I want to click on it, but I don’t think I am strong enough most days. I remember growing up with you. Man, the things we would do. Haha. Only you and I would know :) . You were so much more than a friend. You were someone that went from being a friend, to getting on my nerves, to me having a secret crush on you. Haha. The fact that you are gone still seems foreign to me. The man that you grew into, is someone I am proud to say I know and love. You are an amazing person and the world is a worse place for your absence. I think of you constantly, stopping myself mid-thought before I get clouded with my tears. It hurts that I am not home to see the family and visit you. I know you are looking down on us all and want you to know that I love you very much, and I miss you beyond words.
    Chris: I am sorry for not writing sooner. I am embarrassed because you are in a far worse position than me and I still can’t bear to think about him for too long. I’m glad Mom, Jimmy, and Jayson were able to go to Brandon’s birthday celebration. I wish I could have been there. Justice will be served and Brandon will not have died in vain. His name will help more than you know and he will have a greater purpose in life and death. God bless you and I pray for you, Michael and Ari all the time.

    Love you all,

  88. Teddy Says:

    Dear Mrs Evans,

    Things any better,now?

    Interesting i write on my moms birthday.

    Been some time since your mail.

    Has anything happened ?


    Teddy (43rd/{pint Lobos)

  89. Brandon's Mom Says:

    To everyone who has been there for me and my family. To those of you who have helped tremendously on finding justice for Brandon. To my family…thanks for being there for me! To all my friends, thanks for putting up with me! To all of you who knew Brandon & showed how much you cared. To those who did not know Brandon, but cared to lend a hand or kind words. I WANT TO TELL YOU…..THANK YOU! I WOULD NOT BE SO STRONG TODAY, IF IT WAS NOT… FOR ALL OF YOU!!! I would also, like to thank the SFPD for those who have worked hard on my son’s case.

    I am writing today, to ask everyone who comes across this website to remember, and set aside time on Sunday, 11/29/09 to please say a prayer in whatever, belief system you may hold. Please let’s all come together and through prayer/words try to send some positive energy out to help find who killed our Brandon Lee Evans. Also, for the person who did this to never harm another human being and make another family suffer. May they get help and come forward and turn their life around. Another banner will be flown on the anniversary date from 1-3pm; Again, it will have Brandon’s picture and the words: ONE YEAR TODAY!…

    My sincere appreciation
    Much Love,


  90. Terri D Says:

    Hey Brandon,
    Just thinking of you and wishing you were here on Thanksgiving.

  91. Brandon's Mom Says:


    I can still remember last year….! You called in the morning and you were so excited that you and your roommates were cooking & cleaning for Thanksgiving. You were excited, because it was all organic and everyone was pitching in to do it. Then you called me later in the evening to tell me how good it turned out, and how much fun you had. Then you said you were lighting a fire outside to eat dessert next to the fire. I said, “Oh, I am so jealous….I wish I was there!” You said, “Next year….ma!” : (

    I have thought of you so much today, because I can remember how happy you were just one year ago. I wish I never let you go…I wish there was a way I could have made you stay….! But, I am so glad my last memory with you was seeing you very happy. It really makes a difference to know you were happy, you were having fun & you were fulfilling a dream to move to San Francisco. I just want you to know….these next few days are going to be hard on us all. Please be with us and give us the strength to deal with the sorrow we will have the next few days.

    Also, I have met more people who knew you these past few weeks. And, it is unbelievable how many people you knew. It is amazing to be so young and know so many people. I had no clue how much of a people person you were. Okay, I don’t want to make this a sad blog….! Just know you are loved and missed. We think of you all the time and I will strive to always keep your name alive and strong….so that no one ever forgets that we still need JUSTICE. I wish I could hug you and give you a big BB Lee kiss…………..!

    Your family….
    Ma, Michael, & Ari

  92. auntie cathleen Says:

    brandon..happy thanksgiving..sitting here thinking of you and reading all the blogs which becomes very emotional for me, but then today i was talking to someone who is very close to you and she had to remind me what a good life you had up until the end.. you had many many good friends young and old, you were a great kid, never got into trouble, and you were happy with everything you did..but then i already knew all of that..just remember how much you are LOVED and MISSED..auntie will be thinking of you on sunday, i was telling lindsey how i love looking at your pictures everyday, and she said mom yes he is a cutie..much love to your mom and you

  93. Silas Says:

    The day before Thanksgiving I had a dream that you came to the house for Thanksgiving. We were hanging out and celebrating like last year…the dream was so vivid and seemed so real. Your voice and persona was as if you never left…I laughed and cried in the dream..but when I awoke, I was so happy and thankful to have hung out with you in my dream. That was the second vivid dream Ive had with you in it. Thanks for visiting me in my sleep B! :)
    Today is a hard day for us all…One year ago tonight you were shot and killed in the park. I will never forget that tragic night. Ever. Not a day has gone by where I don’t think of it. At the same time I know you lived a good life and you were a very happy person. Your happiness and positivity spread like wild fire everywhere you went and touched so many people. I am so thankful to have known you the way I did and for us to have so many wonderful memories. Although your physical being is no longer with us…I continue to feel your energy and aura. I feel your presence when I look into the sun..or when I see a shooting star. You are dearly loved and missed everyday Brandon! We continue to seek justice for your case. Love and Blessings to all of Brandon’s family & friends!
    During this holiday season, cherish the time spent with loved ones & friends…give thanks for being fortunate enough to experience another day on this earth.
    Spread love and positivity.

    With all my love to Brandon, Christine, Michael, and Ari *

  94. Brandon's Mom Says:

    One year ago today, Brandon was taken from us. I would like this to be a positive day and remember the good times with Brandon. I just think if we all remain positive…..something good will come through. So, much has happened, and I have learned a lot. I can’t even tell you how much I miss him & how hard it is to loose a child who you have dedicated your life to raise him, to be a great person. But, I know he is still being the great person he is, just not here on Earth.

    Today, between 1-3pm a banner will be flown in San Francisco. I hope that someone comes forward with more information to help us with giving Brandon the Justice he deserves. Today, will be a day to honor Brandon & celebrate him for who he was & is. Just to let everyone know, Brandon’s Memorial Stone in Golden Gate Park is still there and the community does take care of it. It is nicely kept and I am so amazed that complete strangers care and respect it.


    Let’s all say a prayer that today is the day……We finally get JUSTICE SERVED!!!! And, Silas…..your words were just so amazing, and he is right….Spread Love & Positivity!!!!

    Much Love,

    Christine Evans
    Brandon’s Mom

  95. Terri D Says:

    It is with a heavy heart that this one year anniversary arrives. You are missed so much by your family and friends. I continue to pray for your soul, for justice, and for your family’s peace every day. I know there will be justice someday…that is inevitable.

    Christine, Michael & Ari, you are in my thoughts and prayers so much today. I know this is a particularly difficult day to recognize, and this is a difficult time of year. Stay strong, as you have. I am so proud of how you have continued to fight for Brandon’s justice. You have accomplished so much through your efforts. Without them, not nearly as much would have been done. I do believe God has given you the strength to get through this, and Brandon’s presence has been felt by all that knew him even after he departed this earth.

    If I may quote someone close to me, “When you think about the fact that we are really just spiritual souls in earthly bodies, rather than human bodies with spiritual souls, you realize that no one ever really leaves us, any more than Christ left us.”



  96. Your brother Ari Says:

    It has been 1 year since you have been gone. B….I love you soooo……much! I can’t believe I have not seen you in a year. I can’t believe this happened to you. Today we will celebrate & honor you. The last time I saw you, I am so glad I took a picture with you. Thanks for teaching me some boxing. I took some flowers for you to the memorial site. People were playing horseshoes & having a good time. Because of you it is nicer out there. We hung flyers for you because the reward is now $75,000.

    Could you please come to me in my dreams because it would make me feel close to you! I love you & miss you!

    Your Lil’ Dude


  97. Auntie Frances Says:

    We are here to be with you on this day. We love you and miss you.

    Love with Prayers,

    Uncle Wally, Aunt Frances, Cousins Kim & Frank

    “Angels Please Watch Over Our Brandon”

  98. Your Brother Michael Says:

    I love you Brandon….! I will always miss you…..!

    I am so glad I got to talk to you on the phone the day you past away. I will always cherish that moment. And, also the picture we took before you left. I really felt your presence at your 21st Birthday Party. I had a drink in honor of you (Red Stripe, of course!). This day will always be a time when I will honor you & think of you.

    Your Brother,

    Michael Evans

    ………..”One Love, One Heart……Let’s get together and be alright”!………….

  99. Alecx Says:

    Rest in Paradise B , i cant believe its already been one year.i miss and love you soo much B

  100. Ashley Fuentes Says:

    Brandon Lee Evans!!!

    I cant believe its already been a YEAR since you have been taken out of all our lives. Its
    really sad that someone had to do this to you & we still dont know who that person or person(s) is. But i know one day & hopfully soon we will know. Because, your mom & everybody else is doing such a WONDERFUl job to make that happen. & I just want to let you know that i LOVE YOU! & MISS YOU! so much.

    P.S. Auntie Christine Alyssa and I recived the braclets a few days ago thank you so much for sending us some, they are really nice!!!!

    & i miss you too Ari & Michael!!!

  101. auntie cathleen Says:

    brandon..exactly at 8:17 p.m. tonight i was coming home from costco..when i saw that shooting star in front of me, and i thought of you, i guess you were telling me hello.. and then i remember what silas had wrote he feels your presence when he see a shooting star..i had such a good feeling inside of me.much love auntie

  102. Brandon's Mom Says:


    Missing you so much today! And, you know why…..! You would have been the first to come to me today….! I love you…and, miss you sooooo…..much!

    Missing You…..!

    Love Your Ma….

  103. Brandon's Mom Says:


    It is so odd to not have you here on Christmas morning. You were the first one up, every morning even our last Christmas in 2007. We did a Rasta Christmas tree in honor of you with the topping of your 21st birthday cake (picture of you!) It was absolutely, gorgeous! We played Bob Marley this morning as we prepared for our day of outings to friends houses. You are forever in our hearts and minds and just know you are loved and missed. We love you and we will never give up hope. Tomorrow, we will spend time with Denice & her kids and talk about all the good times with you guys growing up. As always, we will celebrate you and the great memories of your legacy you left behind.

    One Love, One Heart!
    Much Love….Son, brother….!

    Your Ma, Michael & Ari…..Love you bunches!

    P.S. Give big Ari lots of love and I’m ever so glad he is there to take care of you and be by your side. Oh, and HAPPY HANUKKAH….(lol)

  104. auntie cathleen Says:

    merry christmas brandon.. as always i wish you were here, it always helps talking to your mom, she has so many good memories of you, which she always shares with me.. i still have memories of you when you were little..playing with michael and lindsey..what a handsome kid you turned out to be..i still think you look like your mom.. thinking of you always with lots of love..

  105. Terri Says:

    Hey B,
    There’s no significant date or reason for my writing, other than the fact that you have been on my mind even more than usual. There is probably not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you, and I know that means that probably an hour does not pass that your mom and brothers don’t think about you. I can’t hear a good reggae song, see a bumblebee, or look in your mom’s eyes without thinking of you. It’s 2010 and I say “Peace to you, brother. You have eternal happiness now and you are never forgotten.”

  106. Kashia Loyd Says:

    It seems strange to be wishing You Christine, Michael and Ari a Happy New Year. I know it can’t possibly be as joyous as it should be. I’m sure Brandon is looking down on all of you wishing you the same. Like Angels do! Christine you know if you need anything, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call me.

    Much Love to All of you

    Kashia & Darion

  107. DANIELA Says:


  108. Brandon's Mom Says:

    A while back family & friends submitted a request to air on “America’s Most Wanted” the story of Brandon Lee Evans murder. Since, this is aired Nationwide…just maybe, more leads would come through. I now would like to request some major help from everyone out there that can pass the word. If we could get a mass amount of people to write letters to America’s Most Wanted requesting to air Brandon’s murder on TV….just maybe, they will pick Brandon’s story. I think if they see an overwhelming amount of requests…they may do it. So…..please let’s get these letters out. All you have to do is read the below information from their website and mail the letter in….Make sure you include Brandon’s website in the letter, so they can refer to it.


    Due to the high volume of requests we often need to make tough decisions when it comes to choosing which cases to profile. We make every attempt to cover cases from all parts of the country and all type of crimes. Our ultimate goal is to give a voice to the maximum number of victims possible and help find Missing children and bring fugitives to justice.
    If you would like to have a case considered for the show, please send all facts to:

    America’s Most Wanted
    PO Box Crime TV
    Washington DC 20016

    Please make sure to note whether there is a known fugitive charged with the crime, or whether the perpetrator is yet to be identified.


    Again, please try and get as many letters out, tell as many friends possible. If you have any questions you can email me at:

    Thank you, I really think we can make this happen!!

    Much love,

    Christine Evans

  109. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day…..BB Lee

    We love you, and we are thinking of you today! We send you lots of BB Lee Kisses! Another day that is hard on us because we always did something as a family on this day. Just know, you are so loved, missed and there is not a day that goes by that you are not mentioned in a positive way. Your funny joking ways live on in our house. We have so many memories and funny stories….that just keep us from going crazy. Thank goodness, for memories and pictures!!!

    We love you & miss you so much!

    Much Love,

    Mom, & your brothers….Michael & Ari

  110. Cristina Barba Says:

    i met brandons mom at my work a couple months ago. iw ork at round table in poway. im not quite sure if she remember me but i definatly remember her. i was working at this table on family night and she sat down with me because she saw that i had a razta bracelet on. she started to tell me about this awful tragedy. this is soo horrible. im sorry i took so long to actually cheak the website out but now that i did it has touched me so intensely. i jus sat here for the past hr goint threw everyones messages n reading them n i have been crying about this whole time. i dont know how pepople that actually know him ciuld even deal with it. brandon, you seem like the most perfect guy out there. i wish more people were like you. you had goals, dreams, an amazing personality, jus the whole enchilada! haha i send all my love to the family and i hope you guys find whoever did it. even though i do not know u brandon, i know for a fact if i would have met you, we would have been the best of friends. you just seem like you knew how to have such a great time,without anything bad. and just sucha a positve outlook on life! i love that!! im sorry for your loss. try and think like i think bradon would, dont sob over his death, celebrate he was ever born and you got to have such an amazing guy in your lives. <3

    i wihs the best to your guys! and i hope you find whoever did it!<33

  111. Brandon's Mom Says:

    To the above blogger……………

    I do understand what you wrote….Are you trying tell me something or is it just a subliminal message? Please contact me off the website on my email address:

    Thank you…..

  112. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Just wanted to inform everyone that Brandon’s reward is now set at $100,000.00

    If you have not done so, please try to send a letter out to America’s Most Wanted. The more entries they receive…they will know that this is an important case. Please spread the word and get as many people to submit letters. This is one really important way to spread the word all over nationwide. I can’t express in words how important this matter is….!

    I’m working on a few more things right now to spread the word; If anyone, has any ideas let me know….I’m open to some new ideas. I will inform you when I am done….

    Even though, some time has past since the lost of our Brandon Lee Evans…I have not given up, & the support from everyone is still needed. Keep us in your prayers and remember, the person(s) are still out there. If anyone, has any information PLEASE come forward…! At least to me. Remember, you can email me and I will respond to you.


    Christine, Michael & Ari
    Brandon’s Family

  113. Chrissy Says:

    I go to school with Christine and first met her because we both have the same name :) I just found out today about her son’s tragic story. Christine is such a sweet and kind person. Couple weeks ago I was in of need something for school and she was the person that helped me. Im grateful to have met such a kind soul and I can see from who her son got it from after reading what kind a great person he was. I hope that you will find the murderer soon . Im so sorry about the loss and I send my heart and prayers to Christine and the family.

    God Bless,

  114. David Lewis Says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I wish you would have provided much more information about the specific events surrounding his murder including his friend’s statements. What kind of concert was it? What exactly did he and friends do during it? Did he or his friends get into any arguments with anyone else? Did they have any interactions with strangers? Even small ones? If so, what? So much is left out. By Brandon’s manner of dress and how he poses, he appears like a “wanna be gangsta”. No disrespect is meant. That is how he appears. Someone people who dress like that will draw the attention and sometimes, tragically, the aggression from other wanna be gangsters. This is how it is. Maybe you could tell us more about the type of friends he hung out with. I suspect they know a lot more than they are telling. Want to find his killer? Start with his friends and acquaintances. I wish you luck.

  115. Brandon's Mom Says:

    It was an event that college students did every last Saturday of the month. He came the last 45 minutes of this event. They were listening to music & dancing. No arguments happened….this kind of crowd did not have those kind of gatherings. It was as one girl put it….”starving students getting together having fun”! NO, negative….as they have been doing this for months and never any negative bad energy. Brandon did not dress gangta…as you put it. He was so known for his nice style of dressing. He also, wore a lot of surfer brand clothes….!!!His friends are positive great kids…I still speak to all of them. His friends have been put through the ringer and they know nothing…just as you and I know! If they did, they would come forward. Really, and it is sad….he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know everyone wants to think he did something….but, I can’t give concrete information but trust me….he was not in the wrong….he was the one wronged…! Please stop trying to blame my son for his own death…I’m telling you….let’s put all energy into finding his killer and stop blaming Brandon….! When the killers are found….I promise to ask them….Why my son?….What did he do, to make you want to kill him?….Stop judging and let the killers answer these questions….they are the ones with all the answers. One last thing…..Does anyone ever really deserve to die…??!!

    Peace & Love

    Brandon’s Family…….

  116. kk summa Says:


  117. Brandon's Mom..... Says:

    My BB Lee…..

    Happy Easter….Son! It’s so hard even on a day like this, because even though you were older, I still made Easter baskets for you. To do one less, for my boys is ever so hard! I hope you can see all the work we did….in honor of you! We love you & miss you, and I really feel Justice is around the corner. You have a wonderful day….Peace & Love to you…And, many BB Lee kisses from all of us…Your Family

    For all of our family, friends & new friends we have gathered along the way……

    I will write on here later this evening or tomorrow, regarding our trip to San Francisco…It was so promising and, we met more new friends. San Francisco…..I just want to thank you for all your help and your compassion. I try to still see the good in this city. No matter what, there are more good people in this city that out weighs the bad. If we stay positive, good will come our way. I can now,feel why my son, Brandon Lee Evans wanted to come here. I sure miss San Francisco, when I return home. It is just a different feeling there. There is so much love in this city. It is such a shame, that it is a high crime city. Because, there is so much love & compassion there!….Many thanks!!!

    Much love…

    Brandon Lee Evans family…..

  118. Brandon's Mom..... Says:


    Nine years ago today, you were in the delivery room, while I had your baby brother…Ari.
    You cut his umbilical cord, and had such a great bond with him. I told him, your Dad & brother will be around you all day today, because it is a special day. I had to tell him the story of the day he was born & how close you were to him because of getting to do something so special. We love you…& just know you will be included on this special day.

    We send a lot of love to you both..Big Ari & Brandon, and send many kisses! We miss you….

    Love….Mom, Michael & the Birthday Boy…Ari

  119. Brandon's Mom..... Says:

    I apologize for not placing this on here sooner….

    This was from our last trip to SF to keep the story in the public eye. It was a very successful trip & again…We feel so much closer to Brandon when we go there. We did lots of work and, his memorial site still looks so nice. Thank you SF for keeping it so well kept.

    This is for you son/brother….!

    Your Mom & two brothers
    Love you bunches

  120. Brandon's Mom..... Says:


    Son….I know your watching…..I’m worried for our guy! Let’s see what the outcome is…??

    Wish you were here watching the fight with us…it will never be the same. Every time I look at Mayweather’s smile, it reminds me of you! Please be near as we watch this amazing fight tonight.

    Love you bunches!!

    Your Ma….

  121. Brandon's Mom..... Says:

    YES…..!!! Our guy did it!

    I know you are so happy. I am telling you….tonight when he fought and blocked with his elbow…I could see you doing it. I know you got that move from your favorite boxer…Mayweather. The little things that make me smile…I have always loved boxing and so glad that is something we shared. May you rest in peace…my BB Lee

    Love you bunches,
    Peace & Love


  122. Rose Says:

    I finaly made it out to San Fran this weekend and was planing on seeing your site! I have been very tired lately and didn’t get a chance to make it. But I want you to know I miss you more than ever!! And there is not a single day that goes by that I don’t think about you! I love you. And I know you will be with me this month!! : )

  123. auntie cathleen Says:

    good morning brandon… everyday i go onto justice for brandon and read the stories on you, and wonder when your mom will ever see the day she sees justice done on who killed you.. it seems like it is taking so long, i only wonder how this person lives with himself for what they did to you??? i think of you often and i still remember you and michael as those cute little nephews of mine playing with lindsey, and then came along little ari..thinking of you today and always with love……………………………

  124. monica Says:

    Just wanted to let Mom and loved ones know that I also check the website often for updates and messages. I never knew Brandon or his family and found out about this tragedy through the Scripps Ranch newsletter over a year ago.

    I just made the connection that I have seen Brother at the new Vons. I have recognized him on several occassions and couldn’t remember where I had seen him before. Then, a few days ago, I realized it was from this website. I have also seen him at the Starbucks next to Vons. Everyone knows him there and greets him with warm welcomes.

    Just remember that even strangers are involved in this healing process and praying for justice in Brandon’s name.

  125. monica Says:

    Webmaster, Is there a way to set up email updates so that when others post, a message can be sent to our email address?

  126. Danielle Roscoe Says:

    Hi Brandon,

    I’ve actually never met you, only heard wonderful things of you from your mother, I go to school with her and just heard your story today and was in complete shock that your mother was so well put together for going through so so much. It broke my heart as a mother to hear her story, but it also showed how strong and determined a mother could be when it comes to her child/ren. She loves you dearly and she WILL find justice for whoever did this to. God bless you and your family, and I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Much Love,
    Danielle Roscoe and Family

  127. auntie cathleen Says:

    happy 4th of july brandon…thinking of you today and always, still praying they catch the person who took you away from us….love and miss you*********************

  128. Brandon's Mom.... Says:


    I did another trip to SF during the 4th of July weekend. All I can say is…”What a trip!” During this trip there was the Oscar Grant trial going on…A packed city of people there for 4th of July…Crazy fireworks all night long! And, another killing in GG Park!!!! While out there I did media again to keep the story out there on Brandon. This time media contacted me. It seems that the media still thinks of Brandon & has been extremely helpful in keeping his story alive. I’m so thankful that the media in SF cares that much. Brandon’s death is very well known in SF & has not been forgotten!! I’m sorry for not being so quick to write on his blog. It is really hard to know, what I can or cannot say on here. So, I hope everyone understands. Just know, that I have not given up & I’m constantly working his case. I’m truly on top of it. But, I do have to be careful in what I say.

    I need to thank all the citizens in SF that email me & keep me informed on what is going on in SF. Thank you for all the ideas & information. I know there are those in SF who don’t want to be involved, who don’t care, or just simply don’t want to face it, that there are many bad things happening in the city. But, there are still those who care and, care deeply to still want to help. It is amazing to know, that even though you did not know my son….it has touched you this much to reach out to me!!! I thank you with all my heart…!!!

    I will post in a day or two a few pictures & links. Again, thank you so much & if anyone out there knows anything……PLEASE, COME FORWARD!!!!

    Much love,

    Brandon’s Mom…Brothers & family

  129. Brandon's Mom.... Says:

    To All Those Out There Who Know Something,

    It is my understanding that there are many out there who at one time or another has been attacked, robbed or beat up in the park. I would really appreciate it if you would contact me on my email & talk to me about your ordeal. I know, there are many out there who will not come forward for one reason or another. You feel no one will care, or you were out there doing wrong. It does not matter!!! I care & would like to hear of your encounter. Your ordeal may help bring justice to my son….Brandon. And, also… yourself!!! I’m sure it has bothered you that the people who did this to you just got away with it. But, this is one way you could also seek justice for yourself.

    I promise to be honest & keep your identity out of it. I just want to piece a few stories together. Please help me….

    Sincere thanks,

    Brandon’s Mom

  130. Ashley Fuentes Says:

    Brandon just wanted to let you know i was thinking about You! I love you and miss you Cousin <3

  131. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Sorry, for not writing sooner! Life has just been crazy busy…..

    It’s that time again, Brandon’s birthday!!….November 1st (Monday)

    We will be celebrating his birthday with family & friends. Please email me with a phone number or, email to contact you with the details. We hope all his friends can make it!!!

    Also, November 29th is coming….It will be two years since our beloved Brandon has left us. It has been such an up & down rollercoaster these past two years. I have some ideas to help many of us cope with the loss of Brandon. If you would like to hear them, email me or show up to the party & I will discuss it with you all.

    For those of you in SF that still keep in contact with me or, still check up on the case. I would like to thank you for having such compassion for Brandon & his family. I have not met most of you & to think how generous, caring & compassionate you have all been….just warms my heart. For all the officials, that I have had to deal with these past two years….I too, want to thank you! It has been rough but, somehow things have always worked their way out. Mr. Gavin Newsom you have been really good to us. You have been 100% true to your word with our family. Everything you said, you would do….you did!! I have to be honest….you & your office always made things happen. My family & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

    As always, I cannot discuss the status of the case. Just know, we need more information/leads to get this case solved. As many of you know, my son did nothing to deserve what happened to him. I know this is a very well-known case in SF. So, there are many of you that know something. Just please come forward. You could have the information to just close this case & get the people who murdered my son off the streets. Everytime, I think how small SF is…..& how I know people talk about this case….& know who did this….I just don’t understand? How can you not come forward? I could not live life, knowing I have information to give an innocent boy & his family some closure. Yes, he was just a boy…never to live & see adulthood. Just beginning to see….LIFE!!! I know one day, someone out there is going to just snap because they can’t live with the burden of knowing….will come forward. If you can’t come forward to the police….you can contact me. I have always put myself out there for anyone who wants to talk to me!!! Just please, do the right thing & help us solve this case & get closure. You can contact me at:

    Things happen for a reason is not the way I choose to live life.
    Let’s change it to….Let’s make things happen for a reason to live life!!!!

    Much love,

    Christine, Michael & Ari

  132. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Below is a link to a brochure that I feel so blessed to be a part of & a way to help others!!

    Brandon’s story is the second one on page 4;

  133. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Good Morning…..My Love


    We love & miss you! We are thinking of you on your special day. Have a great celebration in heaven on your day. We will celebrate tonight with friends & family. I know you will be there with us, bringing us joy. Many of your friends will be there to celebrate & pay their respects to you.

    I will never forget the day you were born….all the memories with your brothers & friends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY….B

    One Love, One Heart

    Love you….BB Lee

    Mom, Michael & Ari

  134. auntie cathleen Says:

    morning brandon..HAPPY BIRTHDAY****THE DAY TO CELEBRATE YOU!!!! the day will be spent thinking of you with good and happy memories, that’s what keeps us going each and everyday…much love to your mom, michael and ari on this day…love ya

  135. Rocky Hernandez Jr. Says:

    Happy Birthday. Rest in peace.

  136. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I want to thank all of Brandon’s friends & family for showing up for his 22nd Birthday Celebration!!!! We had such a good time & great food. It was such a nice crowd. It was great to see all the familar faces & new ones. One thing was for sure….it really helped a lot of us process this special day. It was good to hear stories, some funny & some sad. (but, that’s okay)! I know it helped Michael, Ari & I to be close to many of Brandon’s friends. And, from what I heard….it also, helped many of you. Thank you for paying your respects to Brandon & his family. It really meant a lot to have you all here with us. A few of you asked if we could do this every year….& I think that is a great idea.

    Brandon…..We love you & miss you! May you rest in peace with love that still surrounds you everyday.

    Much Love,

    One Love, One Heart

    Ma, Michael & Ari

  137. auntie cathleen Says:


  138. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Good Morning….My Love!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING…..I will never forget your last Thanksgiving Day. You were so happy & so excited to be with all your room mates cooking & preparing together. I still have the picture of you eating….!

    I want to thank a citizen in SF who did the most amazing thing for Brandon, his family & friends. I can’t give their name but, you know who you are. Being that I can’t give too much information…..just know….this person has made the most amazing thing happen for Brandon’s case. Some real BIG positive things will be happening….soon! This person has done the most amazing thing. When the time is right, I will give more information.

    This is the hardest time for Michael, Ari & I. And, just know…..this new thing that will be happening, has given us a little ease to get through the holidays. We love you sooo….much! BB Lee we miss you, please help us get through these holiday’s. You are in our hearts & we think of you every day.




  139. Brandon's Mom Says:

    This is my second time writing on your blog today. The first one….somehow I erased it & got so upset by it. I think it was a sign for me to not be down today. I think it was showing just how sad I feel today. I know, it’s okay to feel that way but, I want to be positive. Especially, since we have positive things going on at the moment.

    I’m going to make this short and, simple…..

    I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU SO MUCH! I promise to be positive today & not let the 2 yr. mark of your being gone….depress me! Your brothers & I want you to know….you are always on our minds & we talk about you on a daily basis. Thank God for memories because….we have so many to keep us going. You are my rock & I love you….Your brothers miss & love you, too! Keep us close today & send us mass love!!!!!


    Love Ma, Michael & Ari

  140. Alecx Says:

    damm B its been 2 years since uve passed ! i still cant believe ur gone . i love u homie n i miss u . Rest In Paradise , – Alecx

  141. auntie cathleen Says:

    Today was a very emotional day for alot of people… the holidays are coming up, alot of cheer and celebrating, that won’t happen until they find the person who did this horrible thing to you and your family… everyday your thought of with happy thoughts..i’m so glad i have alot of pictures of you, but you will never ever be forgotten.. hope to see you soon in and thinking of you always

  142. kim Says:

    Brandon!!I miss you bro!! People always ask who is Brandon?? Bcuz they see the tattoo on my arm..
    I tell em you where someone I met in our class working with special needs kids. That was the best class. I miss our talks about my drama w/boyz or any other issues I had lol.. You would tell me to leave these dumb dudes alone and focus on other things real talk!!
    Even though once you graduated we lost touch. I’d still think of you and if you where still with Miss Jasmin. I remember that one valentines day you had bough her the m&m’s that said J&b or something like that. & I was making fun of you saying Jasmin was gonna eat em and not notice what it said.. You laughed and said yeah probably.. lol we had some fun times in that class.. Getting the snacks from the vending machine and sharing with the kids while we walked with them around the school.. Fun times.. May u rest in paradise bro!!

  143. Brandon's Mom Says:

    If anyone has any information regarding the death of my son….Please email it to me at

    It keeps it private & not read by other bloggers…..

    I really appreciate any leads that anyone may have.

    One Love,


  144. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Just wanted to stop in & say…..



  145. auntie cathleen Says:

    2 years ago today we had brandon’s celebration of life at the beach in san diego, i remember that day so clearly..somehow with time it does not get any easier..thinking of you today and always….love ya

  146. Tony Nguyen Says:

    Whats up Brandon?! Auntie cathleen, i remember that beach celebration in San Diego , i was there with a few friends from high school. I just flew into San Jose tonight from San Diego and was watching the news up here and i saw a little segment on you. Man, i miss you brother. I remember just hanging out with you every morning before school near the entrance while we waited for class to start. I remember when you first got into boxing and you were asking me where to get shoes (wrestling shoes) because that’s what you guys wear. I remember all the passion you had when you talked about it or about your training, i wish i had a chance to see you fight. I’m just stopping by to let you know that i miss you and i hope they find who did this. Love you and to everyone else, keep ya head up.

  147. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Tony…..So, glad to see a SD friend see the news on Brandon up here in the Bay area. This was such an exhausting week in SF….Still can’t give info. but, just know….BB we have not given up….!! Below is the news clip from SF….As you will see there are two Private Investigators that are working Brandon’s case. I wish I could say more….but, please understand….I cannot…I can’t hurt the case. I know…you guys understand!

    Be patient…it loads, slow!!

    Brandon’s family have not given up hope to help everyone with this tragedy….Just know, Justice for Brandon will come….soon!!!


    I love hearing stories like Tony (above). It just makes me happy to hear the joy Brandon gave to everyone. And, you can never hear enough about your child…..These stories…are what keeps me/us going!!!! Peace & Love to you Tony….Many Thanks!

    Love Ma…Michael & Ari

  148. Min. Ursula McClure Says:

    Good Evening. I saw your story on the 10 oclock news KTVU-BayArea- and my heart went out to you all. I will be praying for your family, as your son Brandon deserves justice and your family deserves the peace. May God bless you and your family.

  149. green eyes Says:

    Prayers out to your family and friends. With the holidays around, so many people are trying to get through it, while others are celebrating. It is a time to be grateful for the blessing of children and love. It is wonderful to see the case being worked on and that their has been progress.

    The poem is phenomenal as I too lost a dear friend during a youthful time due to a horrible crime, also in the Bay Area. His case was solved and the murderer will never be released. He was born on Christmas Eve and is now an Uncle to a niece. There is so much joy to life but feels different with loss.

    Please be grateful for memories and make a great Christmas for the little one!

    Peace & Love from Scripps Ranch

  150. auntie cathleen Says:

    good afternoon brandon.. sitting here listening to the rain.. and going through the tons of pictures i have of you, michael, lindsey and ari, from the times you were little babies and then started to grow into little boys, kind of sad looking at them, but then those smiles of all of you kids made me laugh and remember those days… how you and michael would be all excited about being able to sleep in the recliners instead of sleeping in the beds, so the pictures help in some ways..and the memories of you will always be with me.. and i know you still have that smile on your face.. love ya

  151. auntie cathleen Says:

    brandon….thinking of you on this special day….and you know why it is soooooo special.. love ya

  152. Alecx Says:

    Merry Christmas B !

    -love, Alecx

  153. Brandon's Mom Says:



    This is a letter to my son on Christmas in Heaven. I think you know by now…just how much you are loved, by friends & family. I know, it must be hard to see your family still fighting for Justice for you. I know, you want me to move on & I can’t. The one reason is….You are such a great person, who never deserved what happened to you. Because of that very reason, my life will not begin to recover until, this day happens. I’m okay, I feel your presence often & I’m glad we have been able to connect & I do hear you. You & your brothers have always been my life. I want to be able to move on in a positive note. And, that would be finding Justice For Brandon. I promise, when that day happens that I will try to be happy again, for you!!!

    Again, our Christmas tree is in honor of you! You are the STAR on the top of our tree. Another year….without you at Christmas. I’m not going to lie….I have a hard time doing it every year. I have a hard time shopping, because I see everything I would have bought you! And, then I get sad & want to leave. So, I wait ’til the last minute & do it quick & get out. Every Christmas morning you were the first one up….even our last Christmas on Earth. We have started a tradition to listen to Reggae while we open presents to honor you & feel your presence. It does help us cope! You are an angel now & I know you are with your brothers & I. I know you are Michael & Ari’s guardian angel & you will keep them safe & protect them. That is such a wonderful gift to us!

    We love you & miss you! Have a Merry Christmas in Heaven & I know you are with Big Ari. I bet he is so happy he has his little dude with him!! I’m so glad you have eachother. I miss you both….!! …sigh!!

    “Some people come & go…but, their memory never fades”
    –Jah Cure

    Loving you always,


  154. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Happy New Year….Son!!

    Hopefully, this will be the year….”2011″! That Justice is found for you…your family…& friends!

    Missing you, loving you & wishing you were here…..


  155. auntie cathleen Says:

    Brandon…You were in our thoughts this new year… WHAT WE ONCE ENJOYED AND DEEPLY LOVED WE CAN NEVER LOSE FOR ALL THAT WE LOVE DEEPLY BECOME A PART OF US.. miss ya lots…..

  156. Brandon's Mom Says:


    Thinking of you on this special day!….<3 <3

    Lot's of Love & BB Lee kisses….

    Your Mom

  157. Philip Says:

    I just learned about Brandons death and i cant begin to tell you how sorry i am, i am a father to a 4 year old boy no tongue can tell the pain i would go through if i lost my child. When my son was 8 months old, i came home from work to find his mother dead, she died with my son in her arms suddenly of congestive heart failure, it broke my heart yet i learned so much. Consumed with materialism, this expereince changed me, in the beginning i struggled with the concept of life after death, i told the priest that i couldnt imagine a life after death, he looked at me and said “son, when you where in your mothers womb, if someone told you you would be born in to a world with endless sky’s, bright blue oceans, thousands of different languages you wouldn’t believe them, you could only see room for you but you are born in to that world, a world so far beyond comprehension that it would seem unbelievable” since then i have never struggled with the concept again. I discovered the great Robert Monroe and ever since then i have had numerous face to face meetings with my sons mother. I grew up in Belfast, Ireland, i watched many broken hearted mothers lose their children to guns, i pray you find peace and i commend you for your incredible bravery. Silas, you seem like a great friend and incredible human being, a guy with wisdom way beyond his years, i agree completely about living life to the fullest for today we put our shoes on but tonight we do not know who may take them off. Oiche Mhiath a Chara agus dias maire duit, og go bragh (Irish for good night my friend and may God and Mary Bless you, forever young)

  158. Brandon's Mom Says:


    Your brothers & I spent the day out having fun & you were on our mind. So, much out there….that reminds us of you! (sigh) As your brothers are looking at magazines,….(Michael, looking at music & Ari, looking at a shoe magazine) how much you live through your brothers! All I can do is close my eyes & see how much influence you had on them.

    Sorry, I have not been writing…..but, so many disappointing things have been going on. A group of people who offered to help on the case….(to put it politely, did the opposite). It knocked me down & took me awhile to get back up!! A few more things have just recently come up & again, it could be positive…..Once again,…..I must ask, that….IF ANYONE OUT THERE KNOWS OR, HEARD ANYTHING BELONGING TO THIS CASE…..PLEASE, PLEASE COME FORWARD!!! Either to me…or, the SFPD.

    One thing is for sure, everytime I go to SF…..I hear the same thing over and over, “Many people out there know what happened, but won’t come forward!” As you can see….I will never stop, the trips may get less & less…..but, they will never stop! For those who contemplate coming forward….Just know there is a family that can’t move forward because of the death of their son/brother/friend. Many people ask, how will this help you move forward….Well, knowing who did this & possibly, why?…..That hole that lives in us everyday will NEVER be closed….but, having the Who, what, why will help mend that hole that we are left to live with for the rest of our lives. You will never know the feeling until, you live it….You can watch a movie, know someone & think you feel it, but believe me….it is not the same when it is a son/brother/close family member. And, to be left with the who, what & why….IT JUST HURTS!

    I’m sorry for writing & sounding so negative, but on days like today, when we would have been together……it just forces you to re-live it!

    We love you bunches “BB” & miss you sooooo….much! Send our love to Big Ari….XOXOX

    Love you,
    Ma, Michael & Ari

  159. Lidjfdklss Says:


    This information really helped me, I am sharing with a few friends….

  160. Brandon's Mom Says:

    To the person who blogged above…….

    If you would like to talk to me….you can email me at
    I check it daily about 3 times a day! I will respond back to you. This is my website to honor my son, his brothers, his family & all his friends….And, of course all the new friends we have come to know, through this time of loss. If I can help you in anyway….you have my word to be there for you. All you have to do is take one more step & contact me…..

    I hope to hear from you!!!

    Many blessings,

    Christine Evans
    Brandon’s Mom

  161. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Bob Marley’s death.

    Listening to the tribute for him on XM Radio made me reflect on my son Brandon Lee Evans. It is amazing how I have always had the love for Reggae, but just in passing. Reggae is Brandon…Reggae is calming…Reggae makes me stay positive…Reggae….will always have a place in my heart to help me deal & think of my son. Now, Reggae is the only music I listen to. If I’m down & out all I have to do is listen to One Love; Get up, Stand up; No woman, no cry; & it will turn things around for me. There is only one song that can break me into tears & that is My Life by Jah Cure.

    I was talking to one of Brandon’s friends & we were saying how lucky Brandon is to be hanging out with Bob Marley living a wonderful life. This morning listening to Redemtion Song….the words gave a new meaning to me of that song. Also, how lately the both of us have been feeling Brandon a lot. I wonder what this means? Could it be that we are starting to accept his death & now he is beginning to rest & can reach out to us? They say, if you don’t accept their death…they can’t pass on. I feel Brandon but only in San Francisco. But, lately I have been feeling him. I wonder what message or lesson is coming?

    Back to Bob Marley…..Reading all the things people are saying about Bob, really made me think. How after 30 years people still follow, believe & honor a legend. Again, it’s not what you leave behind, its what you have done while you were here on earth. Even though, he died at 36…..just look at what he did & what he continues to do. Brandon use to tell me he listens to Reggae because it is all about love, peace & happiness. It makes him stay positive & not have hate in his heart. Today, made me think of Brandon. Many of his friends told me they never listened to Reggae, but because of Brandon they love it. They too, say….it reminds them of Brandon. Again, Bob Marley continuing his work.

    So, on a day like today….I want to Thank Bob Marley for his legacy & the great music that helps many of us out there. Seeing what he did & continues to do….makes me wonder? What would it have been like, if he was still around?

    Many Blessings……

    Rest in Peace

    Bob Marley, My son Brandon Lee Evans

  162. Brandon's Mom Says:


    HAPPY “23rd” BIRTHDAY!!!!

    I know if Brandon were here….you both would be celebrating your special day, together!!

    Much Love, Peace & Happiness to you, from all of us!

    Michael, Brandon in Spirit, Ari & Christine

  163. Michael Evans....your brother Says:

    Sorry, I have not written to you on here. It’s just so hard for me to write to you. I miss you & love you so much. I found a song that reminds me of you!

    Gone too, soon!
    by Simple Plan

    I love you….B

    One Love,

    Your brother, Michael…..

  164. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Happy 4th of July…..!!!!

    Just thinking of all the fun we use to have with Big Ari & you boys! This was my favorite holiday to celebrate & have fun all day at the beach. We were up early having fun with friends & celebrating….but, I really was feeling both you & Ari. I really miss this day with all of us together. Hope you both are celebrating together & sending lots of love our way.

    Had to take a few minutes to tell you both….You are loved & missed! We are thinking of you and, reflecting on all the memories of all the 4th of July’s we have spent together having fun.

    Love, Peace & Happiness…..

    Love you bunches,

    Mom, Michael & Lil’ Ari

  165. Michael.....Your brother Says:

    Happy 4th of July….BB

    Wish you were here to watch the fireworks with me. I’m always thinking of you. I have dreams of you & I’m hoping to see you again, soon!


    Much Love,
    Michael….. B-)

  166. auntie cathleen Says:

    not a day goes by… when i don’t think about you… you will always be remember.. even if you don’t hear from me by posting a little note to you… love you always…..thinking of you today, tomorrow and forever………

  167. Rocio Says:

    I was just watching an episode of parks and recreation and one of the characters was wearing that sweater Brandon has been photographed wearing, it appears like a smiley face with 3 eyes. I think I looked it up once and it stood for a company based on non-violence and peace or something like that. An awesome message, and it didn’t surprise me that Brandon would rep that. A really cool, nice guy, ahead of the times. Very glad our paths crossed, even if briefly. Anyways, just wanted to share that memory that came to me. Hope all is well with you all!

  168. Ashley Fuentes Says:

    I love you and miss you Brandon :)

  169. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Tomorrow, is Mayweather vs Ortiz…….

    I’m sure you will be watching it! Your style of boxing was so much like Mayweather….I can’t help but think of you when I watch him….and, your smile was so much like his….!

    I love you….and, lately I’ve been finding myself so down….! I know, it’s because November is coming & it is the hardest Month to get through!!! Please help me get through another painful time of the year! Missing you & big Ari…..Love you both…bunches!

    We will ALL be watching the fight and, of course…..Our BB Lee will be the one we are really thinking of…..Hugs & lots of BB Lee kisses!!!!

    Ma, Michael & Ari….

  170. Brandon's Mom Says:

    My little “Pretty Boy” Floyd Money Mayweather!

    I know, you loved it! Especially, when Floyd finally let that commentator have it…! I’m sorry, but Ortiz fought dirty. Then they tapped gloves & begun…it’s too, bad Ortiz wasn’t ready. Funny how everyone forgot what he did. Then the commentator begins to rip Floyd as usual….I’m so glad Floyd finally, said something to him & he is right HBO does need to fire him. He is just plain rude to every fighter who wins!


    BB….I miss you being here watching the fights with us. It is never the same without YOU!

    Missing you & loving you bunches.

    Ma, Michael and Ari

  171. Brandon's Mom Says:

    It’s that time again….Brandon’s birthday is coming up!

    I’m hoping for a huge turnout and, to help us all cope by getting together. For all his close friends, give me a call & help me get the word out. Of course, All his Costco friends…please, email me & I would love for all of you to come. I want to make this a special one for many reasons I won’t say on here. This is a time for all of us to get together & I can update you on what is going on. Please email

    I look forward to seeing all of you there….!!

    Much love,

    Christine, Michael & Ari
    & Brandon in spirit….

  172. Becky Valenzuela Says:

    Christine, You were so strong as a teenager…so I’m not at all surprised how you’re still standing..YOU’RE AMAZING!! I’m SO SORRY for all your pain..I tried lookin for you a couple years back..I brought you up this morning and come to the computer and type BRANDON EVANS..OMG..haven’t stopped reading.. PLEASE CONTACT ME..Becky

  173. christine Says:

    Hey Becky….

    Email me at & give me your phone number and, I will contact you!

  174. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Good Morning BB…..

    Happy Birthday……

    Today is a special day to celebrate YOU! I’m so excited for this evening. I think this will be the biggest get together for you. Some of your friends when you were very young will be coming. When you were here on earth you never liked parties & now when we have them….everyone is so happy to come together & talk about you. This really helps all of us cope with the loss of you in our lives.

    BB….I miss you so much & I really don’t know how I get through without you here. Sometimes, I sit and think…..that your just away & your coming back. Oh, how I wish that were true! Your friends are amazing & what they are doing in their lives…just makes me wonder where you would be? I do know, you have amazing friends & you were/are loved beyond words. I even received flowers for you & I….and, they are right next to you….what a nice gesture for her to do.

    You have an amazing day up there with Big Ari & I send you both….all my love! Please come visit us all tonight….as we celebrate you & of course Kelvin… we always did!

    My baby….I love you bunches & bunches!


    One Love….Ma!

    You are my son…shine! Our song when you were a little boy….!

  175. Your baby brother Says:

    BB…..I love you!

    I’m happy that it is your birthday today & I can’t wait to celebrate with your friends!

    I miss you soooo…much & I wish you were here with me.

    Love you bunches brother…..

    Love Ari

  176. Michael Says:

    Hey B….

    I wish you were here with me today! I miss you so much and, I love you! I dream of you all the time & sometimes they feel so real.

    I can’t believe you would have been 23 years old. I remember when we were little and all the things we did together.

    Happy Birthday…..can’t wait to celebrate with all your friends. I look forward to being around all of them because they remind me of you!

    Miss you & love you….

    One love, Michael

  177. Brandon's Mom Says:

    What a night….!

    It was such a nice birthday party for Brandon. In which, we also celebrated Kelvin’s birthday. I think this was the biggest turnout. We had so much fun and, I really enjoyed seeing everyone together & just being happy!

    Thank you to everyone who came & helped in the celebration. You guys are really true to Brandon & his family. Great friends…..

    Much love,
    Christine, Michael & Ari

  178. Kim Says:

    Hey Brandon,
    I haven’t been on this in a very long time!! I hope u like what I sent you & your mom. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to ur party. :/ Your mom & I are like real cool now.. ;) .. Yes, I know I need to meet up with her soon lol.. Just been real busy! I hope u had a great B-day in heaven.. =) Much Love!!!

  179. Jacob Says:

    What up Mac B? i know i know its taken me 3 yrs to write to u but i finally took the courage up an finally wrote to u bro. i still cant believe it man. 3 yrs ago i heard the most devastating news ne big homie/big bro wants to hear. 3 yrs later its hard for me to coup with it but what can i do? i miss u bro not a day goes by that i dont think of u an some of the memories we had. from the incredible hulk night to our kareoke night singing rapper’s delight. the night of ur bday bro me ur mom ur bro an ur friends shared so many memories of the times we had with u an it jus hurt my heart that ur life was cut so short. i love u bro i kno u in a better place watchin over us. ur bro mr half asleep half awake… love u man keep watchin over us. One Love BB

  180. Akili Says:

    we havent seen each other in years but i remember everythig like it was yesterday remember when we were goin somewhere we use to tell Michael to go back in the house and grab something and when he went in we’d run and leave him we use to always make him cry LOL my bad Michael my heart hurts to know your gone ill trade my life to bring u back in an instant i miss u Brandon and ill never ever forget u…

  181. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Akili…..I know, Brandon is soooo…smiling down on us, right now! He is so happy that we are back in touch with one another. Akili is like a son to me, and a brother to Michael & Brandon. We have so many memories together. I’m so sorry that you had to just hear the news, today! When I wrote my first blog on this website, the first couple of sentences were in regards to you….Akili. You definitely, were on my mind! You & Brandon were so close & I wish we never lost contact. Now, that we have found one another, I will keep my promise & stay in your life. You are very important to me & I will make sure you do well! Just know, Brandon would want to see you happy & doing well….! And, back in our lives….!

    Not only hearing from someone special, today! It is also, 5 years today….that I/we lost Big Ari. It was a really hard day, today! I could not believe how hard it hit me. Ari was such a great Dad to all my boys & really loved & cared for them. It made him feel young again to hang around my boys! So, I try to remember that at least Brandon & Ari have one another in heaven! At least, Brandon is with someone who he loved & I know, Ari was right there to greet him & take care of him, again! I know, he is watching my son & taking good care of him. Ari….I love you! And, take care of my BB & BB take care of my Ari…..XOXO

    What a Day……

    Love you, Bunches & Bunches!

    One Love…..Ma
    One Love…..Lil Ari
    One Love…..Michael

  182. Brandon's Mom Says:


    For the short-time that you were able to live life on earth, I have to say……..

    I’m thankful for the legacy Brandon Lee Evans left behind. My son was a great person with a big heart. He loved to help people, make people laugh & was full of life. He use to always quote: “Live life to your fullest…..!” “Don’t sweat it!”….”Life’s too, short!” And, for most 20 year olds…..Brandon did just that…! I’m so thankful he was able to experience more than most young adults will ever. I’m also, thankful that Brandon was happy & at peace before his life was taken from us.

    I love you, son & shall you always live through me…..because you are someone who I look up to & hope I can be just like you! You definitely inspire me to be a better person.


    Much love,

    Ma, Michael & Ari

  183. Brandon's Mom Says:


    I am so feeling you today…..! You are definitely….around me! I hope you love, what I left you!

    Loving you & missing you!

    Much love,


  184. Mikey Says:

    To Brandon’s family,

    I just saw the airplane flying above my house and came inside to learn more about this horrible event. I am so sorry for your loss. The last three years must feel like eternity to you. I hope the person who did this heinous crime is found, although that will never replace the holes in your hearts and minds. My sincere thoughts are with all of you on this third anniversary Thanksgiving time of a loss you shall never forget. There are so many people out there that care and I hope someone can come forward with information that is helpful.

    Mikey Sheahan

  185. Another Mom Says:

    So sorry for your loss. Just saw the banner flying over my house in SF. Also saw the memorial in the park last year. My children and I shared it together. I know that this is a tough time for you. Just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss.

  186. Jon Says:

    Just noticed the banner flying over my home on Stanyan St. and wanted to let you know how sorry I am for you and your family. I walk GG park daily and will remember your loss and say a prayer for him. There is no excuse for a violent and unthinkable act such as this and hope you find justice and peace.

  187. Pam Willard Says:

    I just saw the banner fly by, too. Don’t give up hope finding his killer – the banner motivated me to take note, so I know a lot of people saw it. Peace to you and your family.

  188. Jeff Says:

    I just saw the banner fly over at Ocean Beach. Ugh. I am so sorry this has happened to him, you, and your family. I really hope this gets solved so you can have some justice. May he rest in peace and come to you in your dreams.

  189. Jason Bell Says:

    Saw your banner today . I hope your perseverance gets you a result . Keep it up .

  190. Beth A. Johnson Says:

    My deepest sympathies.

    I want to encourage you to persevere with your campaign for justice. I am one more long-term resident of SF who was unaware of this story until I saw your banner today. Only by bringing your loss to the attention of the public can you find answers, justice.

    I wish you the best of luck and of everything. I was not in the park at all in November 08, but will certainly inquire of my friends if any were present that day.

  191. Jennifer Terwilliger Says:

    I was sailing in the bay this afternoon when I saw your banner fly overhead. Reading your blog, it is clear your son touched many people during his time on this earth, and he continues to inspire others to be better human beings just by reading his story. That’s quite a legacy.

    Good luck with your search, and may you find the peace that Brandon now enjoys.

  192. Deah Says:

    I saw the airplane today… it infuriates me.. it makes me crazy.. i lost a son… i know how it hurts!! someone knows what happened and needs to stand up.. this child was taken from his parents.. his siblings.. my heart goes out. and i will be lighting candles at St. Peters and Pauls tomorrow during mass.. someone out there knows.. they need to know that this was a senseless death.. the loss to the people around this boy is tremendous… this isn’t fair… its not right… God Bless him. and pray he is looking over all the people that are fighting for him now!

    Still Chasing The Sun


  193. Christine Says:


    Sorry, that it did not let you post it! I just posted it right now, for you.



  194. Christine Says:

    Wow….What a weekend!

    You’ll never know, what transpired to get all of this off! This was one of the hardest, difficult trips to SF…….It seemed like nothing went right. I kept positive through it all & now, I’m back home….safe & sound (and, sick)!

    I have to thank all the entries on the website from SF community. It is so nice to hear some encouraging words. All of the entries lifted me & it gives me that extra hope. If you are ever in the park, near the horseshoe pits…..stop & see Brandon’s memorial stone & say a prayer! We need as many prayers as we can get, to help bring justice to my son….!

    SF…..Thank you for always being so kind, helpful & caring to me & my family….We truly appreciate it!

    Much love,

    Christine & family

  195. Steve Says:

    Today I saw the marker, the vase of flowers, and the note you left in the park. Having experienced great loss myself I extend to each member of your family my sincerest sympathy. I hope you find the justice you deserve, and soon.

  196. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Today, is the 3 year mark…….

    That someone took my son’s life away from us.

    As I sit here, so sick from the trip to SF to fly a banner & attempt to do media to put my son’s story back out there……I must say, it was the hardest trip ever. My phone stopped working & no one could contact me……it was very busy & a holiday weekend. I had car trouble & now, I have the flu…..And, they say…..things happen for a reason???

    So, today…….I should be able to sit back & be sick & try to get well……! I’m on the phone trying to get media in SF to do a story on Brandon. I felt like I failed on this trip & even though, I’m trying to tell myself, “I did my best!” I can’t settle until, I feel….I did all that I can. So, because I’m busy trying to meet deadlines today & scramble & beg the media to please work with me since, I do not live there…….I don’t have time to be sad!

    Son, you are my world & I love you & I know, you want me to stop. I almost feel like this is you….trying to tell me to stop & take care of me. But, I always put you boys first & why would anything be different, now??!! Even though, I was a young mom… kids were/will always be number one in my life. I have to admit this has aged me & depleated me in all ways, but……it is what I must do, to have the sanity to get through this life without my son!

    I woke up this morning & said, “What will I do, once this is solved & the person(s) are found?” I then said, I will begin to work with trouble youth & help change lives. I know, I could do that now, but….I have to give my son 100% of me. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since, I’ve talked or seen my son. This is when it hits me….to know, I will never see him or hug him….until…???

    Okay, back to working on the media….! Wish me luck…because it is not easy! If anyone, has any ideas of what to do to keep his story alive….please email me & let me know. I would appreciate it. I’m waiting to get a photo of the banner & my son’s memorial stone to place it on here….(give me a few more days).

    Thank you to Arnold Aerial in New York for flying the banner! You always take such good care of us. Also, thank you to the husband & wife team who made & keep this website going!
    Thank you to the hotel that takes care of us! You guys are all like a family to us. My son said, Mom….I love being here because it feels like home! Most of the employees have been there for the past 3 years….that should tell you! Thank you to the media for always working with me & treating me with such grace. I could not have done it without you guys!! Thank you to the community……you always give me a lift….right when I need it, most! SFPD…..thank you for continuing to work my son’s case & really caring to solve it!

    Everyone have a great week & be thankful for everything!

    Much love,

    Christine, Michael & Ari
    And, Brandon in spirit….

  197. Paula Says:

    Dear Brandon’s Mom: I don’t blog so this may be the one and only post you will receive from me. I often walk Conservatory Drive at GGP, earlier this year I noticed the memorial marker for Brandon. Yesterday and today I saw the vase of flowers, the beads and the reward notice. I placed a stone on the marker. Know that people do stop to see his memorial and read the reward notice. For a few minutes today I sat with Brandon, he was not alone. Good luck in your efforts to bring justice for Brandon.

  198. linda richardson Says:

    Christine and family this artical came in my news feed today,
    have been reading and reading all about your son Brandon,what an amazing young man he was..
    My heart felt prayers are with you and your family.God will give you all the strength to keep going…Never give up your search..they will catch who ever did this.

    This really touched my heart,as I lost a son who was only 20yrs.

    Regards Linda

  199. Sofia Says:

    I read the article on sfgate about Brandon. This story touched me deeply. I will have you guys in my prayers in hopes that their is justice for Brandon.

  200. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Here are two links for the media coverage in SF. In the first link, there is a picture of the banner that was flown. And, in the second link is a video (be patient, loads slow) of the banner being flown.

    I now feel that Brandon got the proper coverage with media that he deserved. The reward is not going to be increased because they now, have capped the rewards at $100,000.

    Now, all we can do is hope someone comes forward with more information to find who killed Brandon. All I can say is…..”Please give us closure & take that step, and contact us with any information, you may have!” I understand, how hard it is to come forward, but you can do it and, remain anonymous. I just don’t know, how anyone could sit back & have the answer to help someone & not do it. I will meet you & talk to you in private & do whatever, it takes to help you make the decision to come forward. You have my word! So, with all that said, now you can take that step & just email me & we will go from there.

  201. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Oh! Brandon…..

    How I miss you helping me put the tree up~! I just broke down, as I put your stocking up! Darn…it’s not fair that I can’t have you here with me! I miss you, so much! Christmas is not the same without you! I try my best to make it through…..To continue and, make it fun for your brothers but, it is so hard to not have my BB Lee.

    Missing you, especially….today!

    Love you bunches,

  202. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Merry Christmas…….Son!

    Today, I had the most amazing day with your good friend Akili from back in the day (2nd & 3rd grade). I wish you were here with us on Earth enjoying this amazing Christmas. We had an amazing day talking about you back in 2nd/3rd grade. I am so glad we got to spend Christmas with Akili. I have to admit it is so hard to see your friends having a hard time processing you being gone. I can see the pain and, there is not a thing I can do, to ease the pain. We had the most amazing dinner & drinks & family fun. Believe me…..we made sure that you are present at our gatherings. I think this was the best Christmas….since, I lost you, because being with your friend made it the most amazing day.

    I also, had a Christmas tree & flowers delivered to your memorial site in the park. I am so glad, that I finally found someone who will make sure you have flowers all the time.

    I love you & miss you with all my heart!

    Merry Christmas From Heaven

    I still hear the songs
    I still see the lights
    I still find your love
    on cold wintery nights

    I still share your hopes
    and all of your cares
    I”ll even remind you
    to please say your prayers

    I just want to tell you
    you still make me proud
    You stand head and shoulders
    above all the crowd

    Keep trying each moment
    to stay in His grace
    I came here before you
    to help set your place

    You don’t have to be
    perfect all of the time
    He forgives you the slip
    If you continue the climb

    To my family and friends
    please be thankful today
    I”m still close beside you
    In a new special way

    I love you all dearly
    now don’t shed a tear
    Cause I’m spending my
    Christmas with Jesus this year


    I love you bunches & bunches…..

    Love Ma & your family

    Akili really misses you & please send him hope, love & help him deal with you no longer being here, he really needs you. Please guide him to have a good life & help him as you would if you were here on Earth.

  203. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Oh…my gosh! I cannot believe it is 2012

    I know, you would have been so excited about ringing in 2012. That is all you ever talked about. It’s amazing that we are finally here…and, I wish you were here to celebrate it.

    I sure hope this is the year, that we finally get closure for not only us, but for your friends & the citizens of SF. And, most importantly…..for you!

    I hope you had an amazing time up there with Big Ari & all the amazing people you get to hang out with and, continue to learn from….! You are such a smart, amazing kid….and, I’m so proud of you. I love you with all my heart & I will always keep you close to me….in so many ways! I really hope you can still feel all the love, from all of us here on Earth. One day…we will all be together, again! I know, when that day happens… will be the most amazing feeling to be with you & Ari….again!

    Happy New Year…Son!
    Love you bunches……

    One Love, One Heart!

    Ma…Michael & Ari

  204. Daniela Says:

    God bless you Cristina and you’r hard work ,I hope you remember me …my son was murdered in Seattle,Daniel was he’s name,we did get justice eider,is killing me…You are strong!! You are my Hero <3 One Love ,Mother's Love <3 God Help Us!! Brandon please look up Daniel my son,sweet dreams with the angel's <3 Love you and your Ma… Daniela Daniel's mom

  205. RadioMaha Says:

    Hi Christine! My name is Maha. I am all the way in Chicago and you won’t believe how I found you. I work for a radio/media company and was looking for someone to potentially host a talk radio program for us. I came across a psychic. I am so hurt and saddened by it. You are so strong! I went through all these posts on here dated all the way back to 2009 and I can tell your son has impacted the lives of many people. He is loved by so many and has touched so many people, including me, all the way from Chicago. Senseless crime happens all the time here in Chicago. I always read it in the news and I always think to myself “how can someone do this?” It breaks my heart. It truly does. This story has inspired me in so many ways. It makes me want to forget about the little problems I deal with day to day and live my life to the fullest and enjoy every second I have with the people that love me just like your son did. You don’t understand how touched I am…or how deeply impacted I was when watching the story on Brandon. I just want to go to California and shake your hand because you are one of the strongest people I know. Thought I’d come on here and leave you a message even though we do not know each other. You, your family and your son have touched my heart. May you find the answers you are looking for.


  206. Brandon's Mom Says:


    Happy Valentine’s Day! We are sending you lots of love and, B..B..Lee kisses. Missing you so much! There is not a day that goes by that your name is not mentioned in our house. You still are a “big” part in our lives & always will….

    Keep sending us your love & support to get through this crazy world we live in. I hope that one day, soon…we will get the answers to give all of us closure. It would be nice to start focusing on things you would have wanted to do. I promised you, I would not give up & I will keep my word. You mean the world to me & I love you, so much!

    I’m so proud to call you, “My Son!” You left behind a great legacy & you continue to change the world. I know, that was important to you! You have a wonderful day!

    All my love…..
    Love you Bunches…..

    Love…Ma, Michael, and Ari

  207. Karen cook Says:

    I just found out what happened and couldn’t believe what I was hearing I know i haven’t been in your life for many years but you and Michael have always been in my thoughts and i had hoped one day we would reconnect, I will always have the fondest memories of you and the times we shared together.
    Its obvious you touched so many lifes and will continue to have a profound affect on so many including myself I wish you Peace Brandon…

  208. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Just wanted to say……

    I love you, bunches! Loving you & missing you.

    Can’t wait for the Big Fight, tomorrow night!


    Your two favorite boxers. I wish you were here to watch it with us. I’m sure you will be in spirit, but I wish you were here in the physical. The last two days, I have felt you so much. I don’t know, if it’s because of the fight? All I know, “I am so glad when I can feel you around me!”

    Hugs & big BB Lee kisses to you!

    One Love


  209. Brandon's Mom Says:


    Our guy did it, again! It was the BEST fight EVER! I know, you just loved this fight. Cotto, really gave Mayweather a run for his money (& his perfect record). I was on edge through the whole fight & at times I thought, I can’t watch this anymore. I’m sorry, the Paq fight will never happen & I am okay with it. I know, you would be, too! I want him to retire & leave the world of boxing with the best record.

    Afterall, it’s what you leave behind…..that matters!

    Love you bunches,

  210. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I just had to reach out to San Francisco and, ask for someone to reach out & come forward with any information.

    I haven’t reached out in awhile…..and, honestly….part of me is giving up. I know, with all my heart that there are many people out there who have information to close this case & give us closure. What I don’t understand is how….anyone, could live knowing the answers to my son’s murder & not come forward. I have put myself out there and, given anyone the chance to come to me, and pleaded that I will help you! There is a large reward and, still….No one will come forward. If all my begging, pleading and my word….along with a reward has not done it…..! What will….?

    If anyone has information, that will help my son, Brandon Lee Evans get the closure he deserves, along with his family…..Please contact the SFPD (Inspector Brian Delahunty) or, email me at I’m the one who looks at the emails daily and, I will get back to you right away.

    I don’t know, what else I can say….to convince you…..I will help you, come forward. I know, many of you think you’ll be a snitch…..but, I ask….

    If you had a son, daughter, brother, sister, parent, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend…a love one taken from you…..How would you feel? Never see them again? Never hold them, talk to them? And, worse… don’t know, what, who, why….and, you now get to live the rest of your life with no answers. But, you are expected to go on in life and, continue as if everything is okay….?! How could you continue….? You too, would expect someone to come forward & help you!

    So, therefore…..your not a snitch, you are a decent, caring human being and, helping someone who needs it! So, please…..stop living life with the stigma, that if you come forward you will be a snitch. Just put yourself in my shoes and, then make the decision.

    Please help our family!

    Christine…..Brandon’s Mom

    Michael & Ari….Brandon’s Brothers

  211. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Thinking of you all day!

    Love you, bunches!

    Had a nice day with your brothers. And, all the calls from many of your friends just amaze me. I cannot believe they include to call me, on a special day. I have to say, one call really stood out. Your friend, Akili….He called, and said, “Ma….Happy Mother’s Day!” And, it just brought tears to my eyes, because…..that is exactly what you always said, to me. In fact, he has no idea how….much, he sounds just like you! Hearing from many of your friends today, made me feel like you were near and, showed me what great friends you continue to have….. : )

    I love you so much! I tried so hard to have flowers brought to you in SF, today. But, I was not able to do it. Then Ari said, “Mom, at least BB knows you tried!” Wow, amazing how your little brother changed my frown to a happy face….that quick!

    I love all three of you….so much! And, I am so lucky that I raised three great boys/men. Whatever, I did….I am so glad….I did it right! Remember, I use to call Michael & you…Boyz to Men….! I cannot believe how fast you both grew up.

    I miss you…so much!

    Love you, bunches!


  212. lameka gideon Says:

    i wanted to commend you on what you are doing for your son.i am so sorry for your heart goes out to you and your family& son was murdered and i was browsing the web lookig for all types of ideas..if there is anyway you can give me a push on how to go about starting a reward fund and having a blog something like yours..i know you have a lot on your shoulders but it dont hurt to try coming from a mother who lost her child.thanku n i wish the best for you and your son

  213. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Lameka Gideon,

    I understand & have great compassion for you. It is so hard for someone to understand your loss unless, you’ve been through it. The pain is so overwhelming it can either consume you or, fight it & turn it into something positive.

    I can honestly say, this has given me strength to fight for justice for my beloved son, Brandon. I would love to help, and get you going on the right path. If you can, please send me an email to:

    In the email, please give me more information regarding your son’s death. Or, just his name & I will research it. Also, let me know, where you live. And, if your comfortable, leave me your number & I will call you once, I do a little research.

    Just know, your son would not want you to be depressed. It is normal to feel how you are feeling & by all means, let it out. But, also know, you have to stay strong because he is still with you. Find the strength that he is trying to give to you. And, yes….fight for justice because that is what we would do….just being their mom. Read books to help keep you strong & talk about it. Remember, the good things & try to stay as positive as you can. And, just know, you will be sad & you will have moments when you feel so depressed. After, 3 1/2 years….I still have my moments & I take them. If it is a day, a weekend, an hour…..just know, you are allowed. Then tell yourself ok….it is time to do something positive to bring his memory to the forefront. I have a birthday party for my son every year….and, it helps me, my other sons, and all his friends. We have a great time & make it a happy time.

    So, I hope this helps you & I will do more….once you send me the above information.

    Be strong and, keep your health up…..because it is so easy to let it go. Until, we speak….I am here for you!

    Much love,


  214. Daniela Says:

    R.I.P. BRANDON <3 You be proud of your mom Brandon for all the hard work and dedication on search for your killer and helping mothers like me ,my son was murdered,your mom help me so much.Thank you Christine!! You are my HERO!! Much Love to you and your family.God bless you<3

  215. Adriana Gutierrez Says:

    I just would like to say i read every single comment, crying non-stop. My heart goes out to you and your family. I will keep you, your family, and Brandon in my prayers. Stay strong! I pray that you will find Justice.
    R.I.P Brandon<3

  216. Brandon's Mom Says:


    Just wanted to say, “I love you, Bunches!”
    I found a picture of you, tonight….while….going through your belongings. I framed it & it is now, next to my computer….I love this pic. It really reminded me of your personality!

    I met up with one of your friends from Costco yesterday, and I enjoyed our talk about you! Also, talked to Silas for a long time. He is enjoying his adventure. Jeremy is having a baby. Kelvin is a daddy! Akili still needs me to smack him around. Oh, how his sense of humor is so like you! I always hear you….through him! How times are changing & everyone is growing up…..! I wonder where you would be in your life right now. I went to the college here in San Diego yesterday, and received your transcript. It has taken me almost 4 years to step foot on the college…you started. It was really hard & emotional.

    You are always on my mind. I look & talk to you every day. Your the first person I see, every morning…..when I log onto your website & say good morning! I love you so much….my BB Lee.

    One day….I will get closure for all of us! And, then we can all rest knowing…..and, begin to fill that hole that needs to begin to mend. Then Jamaica… we come! I will get you there…..I promise!

    Boyz to Men…..
    Love you, bunches & bunches!


  217. Brandon's Mom Says:


    Just wanted to say, I love you! I miss you….thinking of you!

    Still have not given up….! Send some love & positive vibes to your brothers & I.

    You are my Son Shine….Love you, bunches & bunches…..

    One Love, One Heart

  218. Silas Says:

    B.B. LEE!

    My brother, it is crazy to think that it has almost been 4 years since your physical presence has left this earth! I still cannot believe that you are gone, and still nobody has been caught and charged for what they have done! It gives me little to almost no hope at all with the Police and Detectives of San Francisco. They have done such a horrible job in trying to solve your case…It really makes me sad. Although, I still have faith and hope that justice will be served. I also know, that no matter what happens, and no matter if the people who did this to you are caught and punished, this will not change a thing. This will not change what happened the night of your death, and will not bring you back to us. Although, I want justice for you, and for your Mom and family and friends, so we can accept and deal with what happened, and not continue living with this mystery and hardship. We will never forget, and will always continue to love and praise you B!

    I also want to say a big big thank you to you! Although your physical presence has left this earth, your spiritual presence has remained here, and is stronger than ever! I thank you for being a spiritual guide and protecting me on that side! Although I miss you dearly, I know you are doing well where you are, and looking down and showing love to all of us. Please continue to help guide us, and protect us in all ways you can.

    Your 24th Birthday is coming up next week! I will have a ceremony and celebration for you on that special day, as I know your mom and family will have as well! I wish we could all be together to celebrate it!

    I love and miss you B to the fullness! Keep Shining that bright light Brother!

    One Love. One Heart. <3


  219. Brandon's Mom Says:


    We miss you, so much! I hope we can connect next year & have a celebration in the one place I want to lay Brandon to rest. We will make it happen one day, soon!

    Keep doing what your doing…..because you are doing exactly what Brandon would have wanted to do. I know, he is watching over you & helping you get through. I am sorry, that you have to live with the memory of that night….and, for that….I am always here for you! We wish you Peace, Love & Happiness in whatever, you do in life.

    Much love,
    Chris & the boys

  220. Kim Says:

    Hey Brandon,
    Your Birthday is coming up soon!! I wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry I haven’t been on to show you love or kept in touch with your mom. It’s been a busy hectic time in my life..
    You were and always will be a great guy who always gave me great advice. You had such a great heart and you were always nice to everyone around you! You are truly missed. xoxo <3

  221. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Hey Kim,

    I lost my phone & of course lost your number in it. If you do not have my number, email me and we can connect, again!

    Miss you!


  222. Silas Says:

    Today you would have been 24 years old! I wish we could all be together, with all of your friends and family to celebrate this special day with you! 24 still seems so young, because you had such an old and wise spirit and mature personality! I wish you the best on your special day, and hope you will join us all in spirit to to help you celebrate it!
    I am sending all of my love and positive thoughts to your Mother , Michael and Ari as I know they will be remembering you and thinking of all the good times and past birthdays you all shared together.
    Keep shining and many blessings my brother!
    One Heart. One Love. Brandon Lee Evans.

  223. Brandon's Mom Says:

    My BB =)

    Where do I begin……

    Wow! 24….

    I woke up so sad….wishing you were here! Then I decided get up, and begin my day. I first, read an email from Silas…and, cried really happy tears! Because of him… day will be totally, different. The words, the wisdom & the love he showed me today…..made me stop & remember you in the right way. I ask myself, how can someone so young have so much wisdom and be so right on. Well, it is all about how you are raised, your surroundings, the people you are around and, life’s experiences. I wish I could post on here Silas’email to me. It would most def (his words), make you stop & look at life different. I am so greatful that Silas has continued to be in my life….you are amazing! Thank you for always helping me through tough times. Also, being a true great friend to Brandon. I know, Brandon is so happy to know, you are there for us & continue to be here for him.

    I want to wish you a great day up there in heaven, celebrating your special day of 24 years. You were an old soul….with an amazing heart. I see what all your friends are doing in life….and, I can only imagine where you would be in your life. You were smart, funny and simple. You were quick to lend a hand and, a hard worker. When Brandon worked at Costco, he had to be there at 4am….and, he worked in the cold coolers. Everyone from Costco said, the same thing. He made it worthwhile, to go to work. He always made it fun….and, we would say….why are you always happy & never mad? He said, its a job….I do it…leave…and, never take it personal. That is how he looked at life. Brandon read a lot and he loved to self educate. He was very wise…..I know, because he would always share his knowledge. I remember, always being amazed and proud. A few months ago, I donated all your books to Mira Mesa College. They marked them, “Donated, In the Memory of Brandon Lee Evans”. At least, you can continue to spread your knowledge & help others continue their education. For this, you live on……

    In your short life….you sure experienced so much. For that, I am greatful to know, at least you were able to have lived…..and, lived wel! For that being said, I want to continue remembering you in this light. Your humor, your love for clothes, music, dancing, food and, good times! Today, when we celebrate your life…..we know, you will be here with us…bringing us the Brandon we all remember! More than anything, I want this to be solved….so, we can go forward. Your two brothers are doing well. Because we remember you….the real you! That is what makes us get through it. We knew the real you! For that, we are forever greatful that you loved us all so much and, you help us get through it. Michael has many dreams of you. Ari remembers, the love you showed him….I remember, the one person who was so much like me! I love you, son! I am so proud of you! I know, I said it before….but, that night…..I heard the happiness in your voice when you called me and, I am so forever thankful for that call. My last time talking to you….you showed me how happy you were and, excited to live life in San Francisco. And, then…..├Å love you, Mom! Oh, Brandon, you don’t know, how much that call means to me. That is what holds me together through this whole nightmare of loosing you. Knowing, I was able to speak to you that night. I love you, so much!

    I know, you are doing amazing things up there. Continue giving us strength & always stay with us. Guide us, through this crazy world we live in….and just know, you are missed and loved very much!
    Happy Birthday, BB… little Sonshine….you make me happy when skies are gray!

    I love you, bunches and bunches!

    One love, One heart…..


  224. Your brother.....Michael Says:

    BB…..Happy Birthday!

    I miss you so much. When I’m at work, I can feel you.
    I know, you are always watching over me. I am so glad to know, you are still with me.

    Today, I will celebrate your special day at your favorite restaurant. We will be with friends & family and, I will have a drink for you. Cheers my brother……!

    Happy “B” Day!

    One Love….

  225. Your brother.....Ari Says:

    BB Lee…..

    Happy Birthday!

    I think about you everyday. I miss you & I wish I could hear your voice. I try to remember how you sounded when you talked. One day, I will watch the video’s we have to remember your voice. Please always watch over me & protect me. I will celebrate your special day, today!

    I love you…..I miss you!

    One Love, One Heart

  226. Kim Says:


  227. Alecx Says:

    happy birthday big broo !!
    still to this day its hard to believe your gone. for almost a year ive been making beats hoping one day i would make it big, just for you. recently, my cousin in law started on making a record label. he decided that i have enough talent to work on an album and release it and possibly make it big. he has been working hard on gettin my name out. hes also working on a website. right now , im working on an EP of 5-7 tracks. my cousin in law has found a few rappers/singers to feature on these tracks. after we make this EP , we are going to work on a full length album , and after possibly have a summer tour. im slowly working towards the success and youre what pushes me everyday . youre my inspiration for everything especially my music. one day ima be one of the top music producer ever , next to 9th and premo, and itll all be dedicated to you big bro.
    i love you B ! Rest In Paradise

  228. Brandon's Mom Says:


    I am so proud of you! It is good to know, that you are living Brandon’s dream….! It sounds like you have the dedication & the passion to succeed. You keep reaching BIG….Brandon is by your side and, he will help you through. You know, he knew you since you were so young & I know, he looked at you as if you were his brother. I know, he cared dearly about you. Brandon will forever live in your heart. Just know, he is with you. I know, he is so proud of you.

    Much love & success to you….Alecx!

    One Love….

    Chris & the boys

  229. Becky Perdue Says:

    Happy 24th Birthday Brandon..You are loved by many..who hold you dear in their hearts..

  230. Michelle Says:

    Brandon: We met when you were 10. You were a good kid, responsible, and kind. I figured by now I would be attending your wedding…not writing to you here. It sucks that you were taken, and even worse that after almost 4 years your killer is still out there living free. That just isn’t right. I pray everyday that he will get caught. You taught many people about love, understanding, kindness, and forgiveness. Thank you.

  231. Your brother, Ari Says:

    Hey B,

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thinking of you, today and missing you a whole lot!

    Love you, bunches & bunches…..

    One Love….


  232. Brandon's Mom Says:


    We are thinking of you on this special day. I still can remember, your last Thanksgiving with the roomies. You were having such a great time. Calling me telling me of all the great things you were doing, eating…! I just could not wait to come out & spend a Thanksgiving with you! I hope you are enjoying your day up in Heaven with everyone (big Ari) and, sending us lots of love today & everyday! We miss you so much & love you….beyond words. I know, you are happy & that means so much to me. I know, you are with us everyday until, we meet again…, keep sending us your love.

    Happy Thanksgiving….B

    Love you bunches & bunches
    One Love, One Heart


  233. Brandon's Mom Says:

    November 29, 2012

    Today, marks the 4 year anniversary of the death of my son, Brandon Lee Evans. I wish I could honestly say, that it is easier to understand or, deal with it. I miss him more & more as time goes on. I thought it would feel different. Instead, I see the time go by & still no answers to why, who, what…..Why did someone choose to kill my Brandon…..Who could have done this and, why are they not caught, yet?…..What did someone get out of taking a good person and, leaving his family & friends to suffer with so much pain~! Every year, I wish for the same…..just to have these answers and, please let us begin to heal…!

    I hope & pray that the answers to my questions will come this year……!

    Brandon…my BB,

    I miss you so much……Love you, bunches & bunches!

    Love Ma

  234. Brandon's Mom Says:

    We made our trip to SF for a couple of days. We did media & passed out flyers….the usual. It was a nice trip, even though the weather was suppose to be really bad….we really did not get any of it. I like to think it was Brandon taking care of us. We could not fly a banner because of the weather. It would pour then stop, when we had to be out in it. Then when we would come inside, it would pour. I know, Brandon made this ….happen! We will be back when the weather is better….to fly a banner & continue to hope other avenues open up.

    I was hoping to have better news but, you know….I cannot hurt the case. I can say this…..a well known show was going to do a story on Brandon during this time of the 4 year anniversary but, they are having network issues & until, they get it straightened out….all I can do is hope it gets done, soon!

    As I have said, before……until, someone comes forward with more information… son’s death will remain unsolved! I wish I could tell you all what I know but, if I did….I would really hurt my son’s case. I can say this…..”This case can & would be solved….if, someone would only come forward with more information!” We have information….but, we need more help from those who have information to close the case. I have said, we have a puzzle with pieces….but, the ones missing could complete it. I beg….to you…..out there who have even heard something to come forward. Even if, you are not sure it would be worth anything….you just don’t know, what SFPD has & I can’t disclose what they have….So, I hope this makes someone want to come forward with anything you may have….to help us. Just take my word….this case could be solved! But, we need help from those who are scared to come forward.

    I have made the door wide open for anyone to come to me….if, you fear going to SFPD…..I have always made myself open to let you come to me. Just email me…..this is my email address & I read it all the time. I will write you back…..make that step….!

    Sorry, I wish I had more to say…..but, just know….I have not given up!

    One Love….BB Lee….Brandon Lee Evans
    Rest in Peace, my love…Ma

  235. Brandon's Mom Says:

    My gift to my son….Brandon Lee Evans

    Today, I volunteered for the Gun for Gift Card Exchange in San Diego. It is the first & beginning of finally, giving back in honor of you….my son! I will now, start to continue spreading the legacy of you & help others, as you always did while on Earth. Close to 400 guns were taken off the streets…..!

    I cannot tell you how much this day meant to me. My son was killed by a gun from someone, who should not have had access to one. By being part of helping & getting useless guns off the street, this honors my love to my son. I hope to become a part of this organization & help them make it bigger & stronger. These guys made me feel so at home. They opened their arms to letting me fulfill a gift to my boys! I am so thankful for today…..! Brandon we love you!

    One love, One heart……

    BB Lee

    Love Ma

  236. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Merry Christmas to you my son! I love you & like always….I gave your brothers gifts that represent your presence at our Christmas morning. We love you & we are thinking of you today & keeping you close to our hearts on this special day. May you stay close to us throughout this day.

    Love you, bunches & bunches

    Your family,

    Love Ma, Michael & Ari


  237. Brandon's Mom Says:


    We had a very low-key night hanging out with friends. Ari made sure he said, a cheer to you & big Ari. I know, you are always with us….and, we feel you all the time. May this be the year….we get to have closure & we all can begin to heal.

    This will be a bigger & brighter year for us all!

    Much love…to you my son!


    Ma, Michael & Ari

  238. Shannia H. Says:

    My love that never was, lol You have been so much on my mind this year more than ever before. I thought i had a dream with you in it, lol wasn’t too sure because it was blurry, but it felt like you in the dream. I don’t understand why this still feels so surreal, I almost can’t grasp the fact that your really gone. between all the pot smoking and the alcoholic lifestyle i was so deeply wrapped in before, i came to realize it definitely contributed to this sense of “surrealness” feeling i had with every aspect of my life. ALot of things didnt seem real. But i finally got the help i needed, and reality hit me like a Myke Tyson uppercut. but God was trying to save me, from me. I was on a road to destruction. As i progressed in sobriety , and began to reflect on my life, I began to think about you. I wondered what it would be like if you were still here. I remembered every moment and memory that we shared back then. THeres so much i wish i could have told you. So many hugs I wanted to give you, so many kisses i wanted to share with you. I will never forget the one you gave me, right on the lips and i was so shy and geeky back then in high school, I couldn’t even give you one back, :) and you held my hand in the car all the way to my moms house, remember when i broke curfew that night, to hang out with you..wooow I remember your mom telling me around the time of your birthday celebration how much you cared about me, oooo goodness how much it meant to me, Brandon you meant so much to me, So much has happened in my life, and I miss you at the most random times when im feeling sad, wishing i could call you and talk to you and get your advice and feedback. Man you were so smart, genuine, caring, funny and handsome, haha i remember you started calling me sista soulja, when you began to search for answers on who you were as a man. remember that rhasta beenie you bought for me, that looked like yours? nerds… lol i think i lost it, but now i wish i would have kept it. Brandon you were my Mr. Right. You were everything i could ever want in someone. Theres times when i struggle with being a single mom, it can feel like such a lonely place. To have a family that feels incomplete, is something that takes great courage and strength to press through. Right now my own family is somewhat incomplete i suffered my own loss, and no one unless they have experienced it, could begin to understand what it feels like, and how much energy it takes to wake up and function everyday..I commend your mother. God has truly strengthed her through all of this. I will pray that God will mount her up on the wings of eagles, that she will be encouraged, and press on. God is my ultimate encouragement, if it werent for him, Id given up a long time ago. Life is so hard but it just seems so much colder and harder without Gods direction,strength and help. When Im missing you i think of one day bumping into a guy that reminds me of you. Someone who cares, someone wh o is real, Someone who will want to be with me for me, flaws and all. You were one of the ones who knew the real me. and helped me keep my head up high when self-esteem was no where in sight, and when rejection was always rearing its ugly head, but you saw past all that. And i loved you for it. I know i never got to tellyou this or admit it person, but here you go, the world could know. I love you Brandon, xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  239. Shannia H. Says:

    I have always loved you Brandon, Always have and always will, May God continue to heal your families hearts and the hearts of those who love you.
    Sincerely and truly Yours,
    Shannia :*

  240. Candice Says:

    I had the most vivid dream about you last night. I heard a knock at my door and i went to answer it and you were there…I asked you ” omg how are you here” you told me that you were ok and not to worry any more… i kept asking you how you were here at my house … at my door …. and all you kept saying was that you were ok now…you hugged me and turned around and left as I watched you walk down the street I woke up….. its taken me 4 years to finally write on here but after that dream last night i had too… It was so real …All I can say is that I think about you ALWAYS and I miss you sooo much … I can’t begin to explain the amout of pain I have sittin in my heart for everything that happend 4 years ago…. But I do believe that justice will be served … You have such a strong mom who will never give up on this. … If there is anything I can ever do to help … “Chris “please let me know!! I loved Brandon sooo much and always will …

    Love candice

  241. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Looking back 12 years ago……

    You were so amazed to become a big brother. You helped in the delivery room by cutting your brother’s cord. You were such a role model & taught your baby brother so much! Today, he is reflecting on the memories of the two of you. He misses you, so much! Days like this are so hard on us all…..Because we did so much together & we were always taking trips together…..You are so missed!

    I hope you put your arms around your brother today & help him understand that you are still by his side. I know, you & big Ari are always with us….but, days like this….we need the extra support.

    We love you & miss you so much!



  242. ashley fuentes Says:

    Hey Brandon.

    Just wanted to let you know I love you and miss you. Ive been thinking about you lately so I wanted to let you know your always on my mind.

    Love you bunches
    Your cousin ashley

  243. Ricci Ankton Says:

    Hey B
    Just thinking about giving you and Mikey haircuts at me and Stephanie’s house in Poway.
    Been a while since I checked in, but somehow seems like only yesterday that I found out you died.
    I feel bad for the generation of youth that gives life no appreciation. So many children
    That could do such great things.
    Keep your golden gloves on in the other side.

  244. Brandon's Mom Says:


    I know, you are here with us…watching!


    Let it begin…..

    One Love……

  245. Brandon's Mom Says:


    Another win…..!

    It is not the same……watching our favorite boxer

    Floyd Money Mayweather

    I miss you & love you so much, son!

    Another year goes by…..and, my heart still aches for the lost of my son.

    Oh….how I wish….my nightmare would end.

    I hope that one day, soon… wish comes true!

    Love Ma

    One Love, One Heart

  246. Kim Says:

    Happy Birthday B!
    We miss you so much.
    Hopefully you and your mom like what I send this year. It’s a little different but it’s nice! Lol

  247. Brandon's Mom Says:

    My BB…..Lee

    I cannot believe it has been 5 years since, you were taken from us. I’m learning to cope with you not being here, but the pain is still there. They say it gets easier…..but, no one ever says… to get past the pain that remains in a broken heart. I know, I will never completely heal from loosing a child. Especially, how you were taken. I know, it was not by anything you did or, how you lived your life. Your life was taken by the way, others lived their life. Unfortunately, we can’t control how others choose to live. I just want to see justice for you because how you lived life. You were so kind, giving, loving and liked to help people in need. You had such great friends and that is who you attracted because of who you are/were. I still ’til this very day, run into people that knew you. I can have a talk with a stranger & end up, they knew you. Just the other day, I was talking with a girl in a restaurant. It ended up, she knew you! She said, she did not believe this really happened because Brandon was too nice to have anything like this happen. I went to my car & cried & then laughed because I thought, Wow, my BB had so many friends. I can’t say it enough, I am so proud of who you became. You were such an old soul & I really miss our talks. Your friends said, you were easy to talk to & come to with their problems. That is why, I knew you would have been a great youth counselor.

    Today, you are 25 years old. I really wish, I could have seen where you would be in life at this point! I see your friends in college, moving away, having children, getting married……it makes me wonder. I know, you are still doing great things up there. Please give a great big hug to Big Ari. I am so glad you two have one another. I can imagine the two of you up there. I know, he loved you beyond words. He was not your dad, but he loved you so much and considered you to be his son. Celebrate real big with him!

    I have to get this day going……I wanted to stop by and say, I LOVE YOU…..SON! I MISS YOU……I THINK OF YOU, EVERYDAY! We will be celebrating you, small this year. Because, I will be doing it BIG for YOU, at the end of this month. I will never give up, even though I have to admit… is getting harder & I am loosing hope. I have to fight harder to get past the pain & emotion I feel at this time of the year. With this said, I have to end this letter to you, with an open letter to anyone who is willing to help!

    I am again, asking for anyone who has any information to come forward. You can reach me through my email at I am willing to help you submit, any information you may have to SFPD. I know, its hard to come forward, but just remember, if you had a child and this happened to you… would want someone to come forward! I am willing to personally, help you through it. Also, there is a reward of $100,000. I fought hard, to get that for Brandon. Please know, this would be given to anyone who comes forward with information to help find and convict the person(s) who did this to my Brandon. Thank you……!


    You have a wonderful day and, I love you so…..much!

    One love….One heart!

    Love Ma, Michael & Ari

  248. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Yesterday, was the 5 year anniversary of Brandon’s death. I did not write here because I was too busy dealing with things pertaining to Brandon here in SF. It was a beautiful, bright day. I could not ask for more. I know, it was Brandon shining down on us. The banner was flown & it was so beautiful. At the same time, yesterday hit me so hard. I think knowing it has been 5 years since, I last saw my son…….hurt so much! It overwhelmed me and I had a hard time coping with it.

    While in the park, placing flowers and cleaning up his memorial stone. I had a man pass by Brian….I saw him last year during the anniversary. He stopped and we talked for an hour. Just when I thought how amazing it felt to have a complete stranger care so much. Another gentleman in his 60′s said, Hi, are you Brandon’s mom? I said, yes….wondering how Brandon knew this man. He said, I was homeless during the time this happened to your son. I remember it so well. Since, then it made me clean up and now I have a job, I live indoors now, but I still come to the park to collect cans & feed the birds. I always clean your son’s stone & keep it clear. I just want you to know, this was senseless & your son looked like a very nice boy. He did not deserve what happened to him. I was so touched….! Again, Brandon touching & changing someones life! Wow….he is still doing what he did, while he was here.

    I am hoping that someone comes forward with information. I would like to have my life move forward & start to do good & continue helping others in need. Until, my son’s case is solved, I can’t do much more than work my son’s case……

    With that said, I must continue my day in SF and do what I set out to do.

    BB….I love you & miss you beyond words. I can only show you by my actions.

    Love you bunches & bunches…..

    Love Ma


  249. gavin Says:

    my name is Gavin Impett. I teach a form of Jeet Kune Do, originally founded by Bruce Lee at the horseshoe pits. Your son is honored and remembered.

  250. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Tonight, I found a coin with a guardian angel on it, in my purse. I have no idea how it got there….!! As Ari & I are getting ready to go on a flight….I cleaned my purse & found it. I immediately, had to come to the website and tell this story……

    I wonder if my guardian angel is Brandon, Big Ari or, both? There is no way that got in my purse by accident. I have a coin purse where I keep all my change & empty quite often. Somehow, this coin mysteriously came across me…..on the night before we are flying out of town & getting ready to make a big purchase. I think this coin is telling me something…..

    Whomever, is my guardian angel….Thank you! I am taking this as a meaning that you are watching over me with my decisions. I am hearing you loud and clear…..!!!

    Love you BB & Big Ari
    May you both Rest In Peace with one another

    One love, One heart


  251. Felipe Says:

    Working on it.

  252. Valarie Says:

    Brandon, when your mom first got in contact with me, I couldn’t wait to find out how you have been or what you have been up to. I wanted to catch up with you & talk to you.. But something held me back from asking about you right away. I let your mom do most of the talking for some reason & waited for her to tell me about you… And then she told me what had happened. I couldn’t believe it! I was in shock & still am. Immediately a thought of us as kids went through my mind. I pictured you with that big smile on your face & that one demple that caught everyone’s attention. I remembered playing house with you & always going through your moms closet :) lol. Looking back, we were such dorks for that haha.. The crazy thing is, that the year this happened to you, was when I really started thinking alot about you. I kept feeling like I needed to get ahold of you or find you somehow. I went on all kinds of networks, but no luck.. And not to mention how many Brandon Lee Evans there are… :)
    Even when we were kids, you were so protective over your mom, so I know that you are up there looking down on her & protecting her no matter what & helping her to not feel alone without you. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. All I have from you are some of our childhood memories… So when I think of this outcome, I immediately get taken back to a memory of us, & I can’t help it to remember/ notice, that you always did have some type of twinkle or something real special about the look in your eyes. I think you were meant to touch people’s lives & somehow bring people together & for whatever reason, make people cross paths… Ill continue to keep talking with you, just like I have, until one day we can finally catch up… GoodNight & Sweet Dreams for now <3

    Christine, I don't have your number anymore & would love to connect with you again. Email me when you get a chance.
    I hope to hear from you soon…

  253. RJU Says:

    Greetings Brandon and his family and friends,

    I am an SF native who never knew Brandon, but I was touched by the story of his life. I also love Hip-hop, SF and my mom. On many levels I can relate to Brandon and i feel sad for his murder and his family’s loss. I know karma will come to those who commited this act. I will be praying for you and your family Brandon. To Brandon’s mom: you are a truly amazing mother, Brandon is so lucky to have you as a mom and he will be with you always. Your son will always be an angel. R.I.P. Brandon.

    Respect, peace and love,

  254. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Watching our Mayweather…….

    When I look at him, I see you! His smirk….how he carries himself.

    Oh, how I miss you!

    Love you, bunches…..

  255. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Money Mayweather………

    Undefeated Champion of the World


    For you….SON

  256. Brandon's Mom Says:

    ……………HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY……………..

    I woke up this morning to a wonderful email from Silas. Then, I received such beautiful flowers from your friend Kim, who sends them every year. It always makes me stop and think where would you be in life? As always, I hope you have a wonderful day with Ari and all the wonderful people you are around. You are missed and loved beyond words. I wish I could move on BB, but I cannot. Until, the people are found who did this to you….I just can’t! We feel you all the time and we know, you watch over us. All three of us can feel you, very strong. Even more, when we are in San Francisco.

    Today, we will celebrate you on your special day and raise a toast to you! Happy Birthday, my love!

    You are my sonshine, my only sonshine, you make me happy when skies are gray! When you were little I use to sing this to you every night before bed……I think of this song, often!

    Have a blast….BB Lee…..

    Love you Bunches….!

    One love, One heart……!

    Love Ma, Michael, and lil Ari (not so little anymore)

  257. Alecx Says:


    Not a day goes by where i dont miss you man. I really wish you could be here to hear this dope new music I’ve been making for you ahah, i know for sure that if you were here right now we’d be jamming and making such cool music. You’re the main reason I keep pushing myself to make music. Sometimes I get discouraged during times where i have writers block and just cant make anything good, but i always think of you and remind myself how much i wanna make it big just for you. I hope you have a great birthday bro. Love you man


  258. Kim Says:

    Happy Birthday Brandon!
    I celebrated your day with loved ones. We built an alter for Dia de los muertos, and I painted a skull for you! I also put your picture and your favorite candy next to you. I hope that you are enjoying your day in paradise. I sent you flowers again, hope you like them! Much love B!

  259. Brandon's Mom Says:

    6 years ago………..

    Yesterday, we flew another banner. It had his picture Reward 100K
    KTVU did another story, as they do every year. Another, reporter made contact with me and did another story and put it out to all others interested in picking it up. We placed flowers at the memorial site in Golden Gate Park. We were contacted by a citizen in SF that wrote me to tell me he cleaned the memorial stone. When I got there it was so clean. The stone has a lot of wear and tear, but I will look into it to see how I can brighten it up, again. A passerby asked, if we were related and told us how he says a prayer everyday as he passes by for Brandon. We had a few people email and give prayers and comments. It was greatly appreciated. We visited a few of Brandon’s friends he made in a very short time here in SF. I will be meeting with the SFPD to get updates as to where we are and what the future looks like for the case. As we all know by now, it is a cold case. This is why, it is harder now, more than ever. The weather was horrible, raining and gray. When it came time for the banner to fly…..the sun was shining and it cleared for hours making it possible to be flown. Thank you Brandon, I know you helped make this day possible.

    I have such a hard time coming now. I ask myself, Why, do I come? I think by now, it is more for me to mentally, deal and cope. Yesterday, just exhausted me. I had no strength by the end of the day. It hits me every year and forces me to deal with the fact that he is gone. Can you imagine not seeing your child for six years?……but, in my case the years will just keep building. The pain is just so hard to put in words. The community in SF is just so good to me. I have more support in SF than I do back home. I am forever grateful to the community of SF. Thank you for always being so kind to me and giving me great words of encouragement. I appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. Also, to Mike who flies the banner every year. Thank you for your generosity and being a true friend. Chad for always taking good care of us while we are there in SF. My kids for always pushing me when I feel like giving up. Thank you, Thank you!

    I have to get going and try to do more work here for Brandon. As soon as I can, I will get pictures, links, etc. up on the website. I watched it on TV, but the link was not available. I am still working on getting it to share with you.

    Until, then……Brandon you are loved and missed beyond words. One day Justice will come for you. Your work of helping people is still alive everyday. As I hear from people who did not know you and they tell me how your story changed their lives. It warms my heart that you are still making a difference. You left a great legacy, my son! I am so proud of you!

    I will end this with the same as usual. If anyone, knows anything that could possibly help solve my son’s murder, please email me. I will help get the information to the SFPD. My personal email address is I read it everyday and will answer you and do whatever, it takes. Thank you!

    Oh, the pain I feel everyday for the loss of my child. I thank you Brandon for helping me get up everyday and continue living life. And, my two other boys who make it worth living…….Thank you, I love you three…..more than you will ever know!

    Love Ma…..
    One love, One heart

    Love you, bunches and bunches

  260. Quinn Says:

    Hi, I live close to the Horseshoe Courts. The rain let up today, so I decided to take a walk and just saw your flowers and the memorial.

  261. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I love you, son!
    With all my heart… ÔÖí

    Love you, bunches….ÔÖí

    One love, One heart

  262. Ashley fuentes Says:

    Hey Brandon,
    Just thinking about you and wanted to let you know I love you and miss you

    Love your cousin,

  263. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I truly, wish you were here to see this fight, tonight!

    I want you to know, we are all thinking of you….and missing that you are not here with us!

    It is so hard to look at Mayweather. Your smile is just like his. And, his style of boxing is what you imitated.

    This is something we wanted to see…..together!

    We love you BBLee……

  264. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I hope you were able to see….

    Finally, Mayweather vs Pacquiao…..the unknown is now KNOWN…!!!

    I know your happy with the outcome…..!

    48 – 0

    One more fight in September…..

    Love you bunches….and….bunches….son!

    Love Ma

    One Love, One Heart

  265. Sara C Says:

    Hey Brandon…it’s been awhile since I have come to your page. After leaving CA a couple years ago I kinda kept to myself, but I still think of you often and pray for you, your family, and that justice will soon be served. I’ve thought about you a lot lately. I wish so bad they find who did this to you and justice prevails. It breaks my heart knowing that evil is still out there. I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and I will continue to pray that justice will finally be served!! Much love!!

  266. A Stranger Says:

    I stumbled across this page somehow. Just felt like I wanted you all to know how amazing it is read about somebody I never knew and feel the love you all have for him. Deeply sorry for your loss but grateful that you all have each other.and grateful that he lives through you. Much love. B

  267. karen Says:

    Just thinking of you and your family again knowing you have found peace and praying your mom and brothers have found it too. Always in my heart and thoughts.

  268. Ricci Ankton Says:

    Be easy B.

    Hit me up when you come back around

    Mikey, keep your head up

  269. Raymond Says:

    Miss you bro.

  270. Jun Says:

    Another person was killed in Golden Gate park. The killers have been caught now. Maybe they could be related to other killings.

  271. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I appreciate the information, above. I will look into it. Any and all information is appreciated. Thank you for still thinking of my son, Brandon……


  272. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Good Morning…..My love!

    *******HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY!*******

    I cannot believe you would have been 27 years old. It has been a long 7 years since your passing. I miss you so much and my heart aches. Time has not made it easier. I relive it every year when November comes around. This is the hardest month to get through.

    I know, you will have a blast up there….because that is how you do things. Give our love to big Ari, I know he takes good care of you….as he did when you both were here. I am so glad that you are there with someone who loves you as much as we do. Today, I will receive flowers from Kim. She is a true friend and sends them every year. Then I take the vase to San Francisco & put fresh flowers in it from Kim, Michael, Ari & myself. We will go and celebrate you tonight. We have a special place we go to celebrate you….here in San Diego. We have flying wish paper that we will write a message and send it up in the sky tonight…..look for it, B.

    I am so sorry if, I sound so down. I usually, hide it, but this year….I can’t. I just find it hard that 7 years has past and no one has been held accountable for taking you from us.

    The three of us are sending you all our love, today….BB Lee. We love you bunches & bunches. Have a great day and we will talk to you later. I know you will be with us, tonight.

    With all our hearts…..


    Love Ma, Michael, and Ari

  273. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Today, marks the 7th anniversary of Brandon leaving us on Earth.

    I am sad to say, due to medical reasons we were not able to go to SF on the anniversary. Although, as soon as things are better…..we will make the trip. We had flowers placed at the memorial and sent Brandon lots of love. We had a nice Thanksgiving and spent time with Brandon’s close friends, whom were his second family. We watched videos and was able to hear his voice again. To watch him be silly with his friends and show the humorous side of Brandon was such a joy.

    I cannot believe its been 7 years that Brandon’s existence on Earth was taken from us. I know there are people out there who know who did this to my son. Unfortunately, for whatever reason they will not come forward.

    I cannot say anything that will hurt my son’s case, but we are certain that we know who the person(s) are who killed Brandon. Without proof and solid information an arrest will never be made. As I said, I wish I could go into detail, but I am sure you understand that I want to make sure this case is solved and the person(s) are held liable for taking my sons life. I have some closure, but not full closure. Brandon’s life meant a lot to have them pay for the pain and suffering they caused. With this being said, I am asking that if anyone has information….please, come forward with it. You never know, if your information can be enough to finally make an arrest and give us closure. It is hard to know, they are still able to walk around and possibly harm more people. I have always said, if you are afraid to come forward and want to talk to me….I have always made myself available to reach out and help you through it.

    Son, you are loved & missed very much, by us all. You were such an inspiration to many and you still touch a lot of people. I am still so proud of you. I see the pain your brothers have with your absence, but I am forever grateful for your best friends who still keep in touch. They reach out to us often and are there for your brothers. I love you bunches and bunches!

    Thinking of you, today….tomorrow….and, forever…..! You are my SonShine

    One love, One heart

    My BB Lee

    Love Ma, Michael & Ari

  274. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I LOVE this…..!

  275. Brandon's Mom Says:

    I just heard we lost the greatest boxer…..
    You are getting to see another one of your greatest mentors. I still have all your books and t-shirts of Mohammed Ali. As soon as I heard, my first thought was you!

    Love you, bunches…..


  276. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Yesterday, was National Gun Violence Awareness Day!
    We attended the rally and wore orange. We honored you by wearing shirts with your picture and told your story.

    We all need to do our part to help put an end to all of this maddness that is happening, day after day. Just look at the statistics, that should be enough to make you want to do your part to help make a change….!

  277. RJU Says:

    Peace to Brandon and Family. Praying for peace, strength, healing and justice. One L.

  278. Colleen Niblett Says:

    Can you call me @ 863 944 4300.

  279. Brandon's Mom Says:

    Good Morning….Love

    I cannot believe you are 28…today!
    I am sure you are still an amazing , man!
    I miss you beyond words and think of you all the time. I wish you were here right now, I need you more than ever. You will always be my sunshine!

    Have a wonderful day and spread your love, as I will be trying to feel it and capture your amazing vibes!

    Happy Birthday, BB Lee

    Love you bunches and bunches…..

    One Love…Ma


    Your brothers wish you a very Happy B Day!!!
    They love and miss you so much!
    We always wonder what would be going on with the 3 of you. I do know, you would be very close & there for one another. Please be by their side today and let them know, you are still with them.

    One Love, One Heart…..


    I just thought of Von, Kelvin and you….The 3 amigos (lol)

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