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Brandon Lee Evans, 20 years old, was a graduate of Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego. He decided to move to San Francisco in early November to attend college and pursue his interest in music. On November 29th, 2008, Brandon went to Golden Gate sweatshirt-heiroglyphic3Park (Horseshoe Pits) with some friends to listen to music. Near the end of the event, Brandon left the crowd to get his cell phone from his car. While he was gone, his friends thought they heard fireworks, but quickly came to realize the horror that it was actually gunfire. One of BrandonÔÇÖs roommates rushed to see if his friend was okay. He was not. Sadly, Brandon had been shot in the back and died en route to the hospital.

BrandonÔÇÖs mother┬áand his two brothers would like to find justice. They have established a fund to raise money to post signs and billboards to advertise the SFPD Reward and are seeking contributions to assist with this costly endeavor.┬á If you would like to help make this happen, please consider making a contribution to the fund.┬á All amounts are appreciated and increase the chance of Brandon’s killer(s) being found.

Anyone with information should contact:
(415) 929-9446
Anonymous tip line

You may also contact Christine (Brandon’s Mom):┬á rewardforbrandon@gmail.com