Golden Gate Park

Brandon Lee Evans was enjoying some music at the Pits on Thanksgiving weekend 2008.┬á He had spoken to his mother just hours before on the phone, telling her he was going with some friends to listen to some musicians in the park.┬á Within hours of that phone call, BrandonÔÇÖs mother was answering the door in the middle of the night, being informed by a detective that her 20 year old son had been killed at the park.

This senseless murder inspired those who knew Brandon and even those who never met him to reclaim a part of their city. Peter Zepponi, founder of the San Francisco Horseshoe Pitching Club wanted to ÔÇ£find good in the tragedyÔÇØ, and so he decided to take this tragic event and use it to motivate himself and others to take back their city. In conjunction with The Guardsmen and numerous volunteers, they removed truckloads of dirt and debris to restore the historic horseshoe pits at Golden Gate Park.

Zepponi summed up his motivation behind this project by saying, ÔÇ£I couldn’t stand the thought that the last legacy of the place that brought joy to so many had become known as the place ‘where the kid got killed’.ÔÇØ

While Brandon had only lived in San Francisco just 3 short weeks before his death, Zepponi stated that, ÔÇ£Brandon is like that pebble and his last moments with us are reverberating to create a lot of good.┬á His life was not given in vain. His life has meaning beyond his death in that he has inspired many, many people to step up, become involved, and give of themselves to make San Francisco a better place where all of our children can be safe.ÔÇØ


So, the next time you are pitching horseshoes at Golden Gate Park, think of how the horseshoe is not only a symbol of good luck, but also a reminder that we can make a difference in this short life.┬á DonÔÇÖt sit back and be complacent, waiting for others to make change for you.┬á Brandon always stood up for what he believed in and you should too.┬á Inspire others to achieve great things!┬á It takes one person at a time.┬á And remember, you may not always be successful in your endeavors, but sometimes, itÔÇÖs close enough for horseshoes!


  Steps from Conservatory Dr. (near memorial site) horseshoe-view-from-hill1