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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

B.B. Lee……..My middle son, or as you would say, your only normal son! You were so much like me! I always saw myself in you. You were always the one who made friends with kids that needed extra work or had issues. Then you would try to help them and make them turn themselves around. You had a good heart and loved to help people. I love how deep and open you were with me. You would always speak your mind. We had a bond, where you shared everything with me. I couldn’t believe how you told me everything! I never had that relationship with my parents and you always amazed me! I miss you so much….you were my rock! I always depended on you and also, leaned on you quite often. I miss calling you when I am upset and having you to lift me up! I miss joking with you and our “girls day”! (That meant, going to the mall and BB getting a new outfit! Being that I have 3 boys and BB loved looking good, he loved shopping with me.) I miss you walking through the door yelling, ÔÇ£MA, where are you?ÔÇØ I don’t know how to go on in life without you son! I know you will give me strength! And, I know you will take good care of us, even from Heaven.
Where do I begin to tell you what wonderful friends you have made in such a short life?! I was so overwhelmed how many people loved you BB. I am so proud of you. You told me before you walked out, ÔÇ£Ma, you’ll see…I am going to make it big!ÔÇØ….And you know what…you did! You touched and inspired a lot of people, including me. I am so glad that you got a job in doing something you loved, boxing! I could tell you were happy and really living life now. Seeing it through the eyes of a mature person. Son, I was so proud of you and really thought that night, this was the right move for you. Getting the news that you were gone……..just destroyed me! Now, I am the fighter……I will fight for you! Son, I love you and I am glad you knew it and I know you loved and appreciated me! I won’t stop until I find the person who did this to you! They took a big part of me and hurt your two brothers beyond words. We will never forget you because you live in us everyday! Stay with us B, and help your brothers and me to get through this the best we can. Make sure you give a great big Kiss to Big Ari and we know he will take good care of you, just like he did here on earth. I know the two of you are having a great time, but make sure you send a lot of love down here to us three because we need it more than ever! Right now you are probably saying ÔÇ£Okay, ma….gotta go!ÔÇØ And, guess what….I am never letting you go! Love you bunches……I’m sending you a Big BB Lee Kiss……….